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Bamba Apps Hit 2 Million Downloads

Apr 16, 2014 - Bamba is today extremely proud to announce that Bamba Apps have hit two million overall downloads. All six of Bamba Apps; Bamba Toys, Bamba Burger, Bamba Pizza, Bamba Ice Cream, Bamba Post Office & the latest creation, Bamba Craft, have been downloaded over two million times in total. The sole mission of Bamba is to deliver the best possible experience for kids and provide educational benefits at the same time. Bamba recently completely overhauled its entire website & gave it an all new design.

SMSLater for iPhone - Send SMS At A Later Date

Apr 10, 2014 - Independent developer, Hakan Kutluca is proud today to announce the global release of SMSLater for iPhone, a perfect remedy for all those messages that you wanted to send, but never actually got around to typing. This simple and intuitive mobile application serves as a time-planning tool, allowing you to type the messages in advance and set the date and time when they will be delivered to chosen recipients. Now completely redesigned and equipped with new features.

Winged Dragon Rapid Flying Challenge - Coming Soon To The App Store

Mar 27, 2014 - Firas Mousa is today proud to announce the upcoming availability of Winged Dragon for iOS. In Winged Dragon, the dragon needs to keep flying and avoid obstacles to earn points. The game is easy to play, but very hard to master. Controls have been thought from the ground up in Winged Dragon, there is no more tapping involved since controls are completely dynamic with advanced up and down buttons to fly the dragon. Graphics have been exclusively designed and the gameplay is totally intuitive.

Kids Can Craft Objects With Bamba Craft for iPad

Mar 26, 2014 - Bamba announces Bamba Craft for iPad. Bamba Craft catches the attention of kids instantly through wacky rooms to collect items, assemble them on the canvas and add the finishing touches in the paint room. Kids use their skills and artistic abilities to select shapes, fill with designs, color and finally see their creations in one composite whole. Whether played alone or together with other friends, kids will enjoy the encore at the end of each round.

PartyLine for iOS - Meet New Friends And Voice Chat Instantly

Mar 18, 2014 - Connect with people from all around the world. PartyLine today announces a new voice communications iOS app. PartyLine 2.1.0 allows users to engage in voice chats with random men and women they meet for the first time, with an option to narrow the search by implementing gender and age filters. As of February 1st 2014, the App is available in new and improved version 2.1 that allows users to upload profile pictures and introduces several other exciting features.

Get Noticed for iOS - Video Tracking On A Whole New Level

Feb 10, 2014 - Renowned pro footballer, Guy Branston is proud to announce the global availability of Get Noticed for iPhone and iPad - an App that can be used to capture videos that can be shared with a worldwide audience. Talented players can instantly capture a video highlighting their skills and upload it to YouTube to present the video to a worldwide audience. Users can easily highlight and track people or objects inside the video in real time and later use it for demonstration.

Create And Organize Notes With MarginNote Reader for iPad

Jan 28, 2014 - Sun Min today announces MarginNote Reader 1.1.1 for iPad, an App that allows users to put notes on PDF, ePubs and Outline in MindMap, sync everything to Evernote, all in their own handwriting. With an intuitive design and elegant user interface, MarginNote Reader takes an idea that is simple in the real world and applies it to digital documents. Loaded with editing tips and allowing users to create notes instantly, the App lets users write and organize notes in a snap.

King Hitalot for iPad Now Available Globally

Jan 15, 2014 - Lehel Medves is today proud to announce the global availability of King Hitalot, a fun game that allows players to build, share and destroy castles in a quest to win the game. King Hitalot presents an extremely social environment where competition is tough in a global leaderboard connected with Game Center and castles being built, shared and destroyed. 100 castles options are available for choice with a variety of building blocks with different materials, shapes & sizes which can then be shared.

Let Messages Catch Fire With FireScribe for iOS

Dec 16, 2013 - James Wadley Design is today pleased to announce the global availability of FireScribe and FireScribe Lite for iOS, perfect for the approaching festive season. Write custom messages with fire, design it and send them to people with FireScribe for iOS. FireScribe features a highly intuitive user interface. Simply choose an image, type in your message and it will be converted into a fire like themed font. Easily create the perfect size image and night time effects.