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Eat all the Healthy Foods in Eat Smart for iOS

Sep 06, 2012 - Edin today introduces Eat Smart 1.1, its new educational app for iOS devices. Eat Smart features fun and interactive gameplay experience and at the same time provides educational perspective on the foods that are healthy to consume and the unhealthy ones which should be avoided. Leveraging the powerful functionality of the built-in accelerometer, eat the healthy fruits/vegetables and avoid the unhealthy items while you jump.

Spinr for iOS - An Interactive Alternative for the Contacts App

Aug 14, 2012 - Apps For All today introduces Spinr 1.0, its new productivity app for iOS devices. Spinr offers a whole new way for users to browse their address book. Featuring an endless scrolling wheel with your contacts, Spinr lets users quickly glance through the important information regarding a contact and more. Contact navigation, switching contacts alphabetically and powerful search functionality make Spinr the perfect alternative and interactive replacement of your default contacts app.

Run as Terrance and Collect Burgers in DreamCat for iOS

Aug 02, 2012 - Vellum Interactive today introduces DreamCat 1.0, its exciting fast-paced game for iOS. Featuring Terrance the cat, DreamCat sparks hours of entertainment and highly addictive gameplay. Players need to run across randomly generated terrains, jump across platforms, collect burgers, and execute the mighty burger dash. Being Game Center enabled, DreamCat users can share scores across a worldwide global leaderboard. The longer you run and the more burgers you collect, the more points you acquire.

Votely for iOS Helps Make Decisions With Input From Friends

Jun 28, 2012 - Seattle based Planrly Inc. today introduces Votely 1.0, its new lifestyle app for iOS. Votely leverages the enormous power of social media to get instant feedback for the user. It provides an innovative and fun way of making decisions, based on the votes of your friends on Facebook. Votely is completely integrated with Facebook and therefore already knows your list of friends who can reply with their choices. Leveraging the biggest social network to make decisions for you has never been easier.

Find the Best Bar, Club or Cab With Bar Time for iOS

Jun 17, 2012 - evoLove Design today announces Bar Time 2.0.1 for iOS. Designed with great attention to details, Bar Time helps users find the best bars, clubs and cabs based on their location. All information is instantly available as Bar Time is completely integrated with Google Maps, giving step-by-step directions to the desired destination and guides all along the way to the nearest bar or club. Users will be able to instantly switch between Map, List, Directions and even call the desired service if needed.

The Million Dollar iPhone Aims to Become Worth a Million By Selling Ads

Jun 13, 2012 - The Million Dollar iPhone aims to feature 5000 Apps on its site which includes a large iPhone at the epicenter. All the Apps will be featured inside the slots available on the site. With a revolutionary concept in mind, The Million Dollar iPhone is calling all developers to get their Apps featured on the site to rapidly gain traction in the extremely competitive market. The site can be leveraged as a unique marketing opportunity for developers looking to reach more users at any given instant.

Cleanup Duplicate Contacts for iOS Makes Address Book Cleaner

May 31, 2012 - Apps For All today announces Cleanup Duplicate Contacts 2.1 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Cleanup Duplicate Contacts cleans up the address book and merges all overlapping contacts into just one single contact. The entire indexing and merging process is instantaneous. This innovative address book cleanup App is universal, and features multiple merge-type options including "name matches", "email matches" or "phone matches" as well as detailed reports of scanned results.

Rainbow Train for iOS Teaches Kids All About Colors

May 10, 2012 - IQSoftware today announces the global availability of Rainbow Train: Teach Colors for iOS. With a unique user interface, Rainbow Train helps kids understand all about colors in an interactive manner. Over three game modes, ten colors, fifty objects and pronunciation of all colors make Rainbow Train a very educational App for kids. With an inspiring user gameplay and educational motive, Rainbow Train is highly recommended for kids wanting to learn more about colors.

Manage Travel Purchases With Simply Declare for iOS

May 02, 2012 - The ultimate travel app, Simply Declare allows users to manage their travel purchases at any instant and declare details of duty-free purchases made in foreign countries back to their home country. With a real-time currency update feature, Simply Declare keeps all currencies organized for better management. Simply Declare works from a long list of currencies, so it doesn't matter from what country the user is from, to what country the user is visiting.