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The most explosive maze game ever

Nov 02, 2012 - Mobile applications developer, One Global Apps Inc. today introduces Boom Volcano 1.0, its ancient Greek-themed maze game for iOS iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. In Boom Volcano, players will navigate an endless labyrinth, trying to escape an incoming wave of lava rolling down the venerable Vesuvius. Enticing powerups, shiny coins, impending doom, and cute-yet-frightened Satyrs all combine to make this maze game unlike any that came before.

Get ready for some Ninpo Slashin'

Oct 05, 2012 - Mobile apps development company, One Global Apps today announces Ninpo Slash for iOS, a strategy/action/RPG hybrid with ninjas, samurais, and a whole lot of action that is sure to be a hit among hardcore fans of these genres. Get ready for some Ninpo Slashin'! Join Arkiel as he dashes his way through hordes of dangerous ninjas in this awesome 3D cel-shaded epic. Ninpo Slash features a shop for three special skills, experience boosts, and even two new characters with higher stats, and more.

Fire it up in Bottomless Pit

Sep 05, 2012 - Mobile applications developer One Global Apps Inc. today introduces Bottomless Pit 1.0.1, a brand new free game for iOS. In Bottomless Pit, players will manage their own special place in the afterlife. Combining elements from management sims and fast-paced microgame compilations, the game gives fans of both genres the mechanics they're familiar with while introducing features that are sure to intrigue and excite, all within a themed setting that few have ventured: the abyssal underworld.

Make magic with Tower Caster

May 06, 2012 - One Global Apps Inc. is proud to present its latest mobile game release, "Tower Caster 1.0" for iOS. The company's talent has had years' worth of experience developing games, and they aim to showcase the quality of their work with Tower Caster. Featuring action-packed point-and-slash-style controls in a frenetic tower defense setting with emphasis on arcade-style simplicity, Tower Caster delivers a classic gaming experience to players from all walks of life.