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Create the best TinyTap App - Win an iPad mini - All August long

Aug 01, 2014 - TinyTap introduces the #AugustApps competition: each week of August, TinyTap will award an iPad mini to the best educational app created. Educators can create learning apps for their classes & share them with kids around the globe in TinyTap's market, plus enter the chance to win an iPad mini. New winners will be announced every week of August. Apps eligible for consideration must teach language, math, science, art, music, or geography lessons intended for a K-6 audience and be shared publicly.

Verizon Award Finalist TinyTap Releases New Talking Shape Puzzles

Jan 05, 2014 - Kids DIY game creation app TinyTap, an education winner for Verizon's $10M Powerful Answers Award, released a new Shape Puzzle activity to make game creation even richer and more interactive. TinyTap's new shape puzzle activity allows anyone to create and complete their own interactive puzzles. With simple tools, users can cut out shapes from any picture, record sounds, and drag and drop the pieces back where they belong to continue playing. Offers educational and fun possibilities for all ages.

TinyTap Makes App Creation Beautiful with its Theme-Based Creation Packs

Sep 09, 2013 - TinyTap Ltd. announces TinyTap 1.3 for iOS. TinyTap puts a powerful creation tool in the hands of kids, parents and teachers and enables them to create their own apps. TinyTap makes app creation beautiful and fun with its game-themed Creation Packs - a collection of stickers, backgrounds, coloring and activity pages based on TinyTap's most popular games!. What makes TinyTap so unique is its ability to actively involve kids in the learning process.

TinyTap will keep your kids out of mischief this summer holiday

Jul 02, 2013 - Game creator TinyTap, which lets anyone create educational kids games is at parents service. This summer holiday, TinyTap is proud to announce the offering of a series of fun activities that will not only develop your little one's creativity but will keep them out of mischief. This summer your little ones are invited to take part in the TinyTap GoCreate Challenge. This is a weekly challenge which calls on kids to create TinyTap games on a specific theme and the best game wins a prize.

The First UGC Educational App Store Created by Kids, Parents & Teachers

Apr 25, 2013 - TinyTap is an iPad and iPhone educational game creation platform for kids. With TinyTap, all it takes is a few easy taps and you have a game which can be personalized to suit the unique learning needs of any child. One of TinyTap's most anticipated features yet, The TinyTap Social Market, which is going to connect teachers and students from around the world has just gone public. Each TinyTap game in the TinyTap Social Market now comes with it's own sticker pack.

Teach kids to dress for winter with newly released educational kids app

Mar 01, 2013 - TinyTap announces Dress For Winter, its new educational kids book app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Teaching your kids about winter involves more than simply explaining that winter is the cold season. It's also important that they understand how to dress appropriately. With Dress for Winter, your kids will soon develop a far more well-rounded understanding of this time of year. Dress For Winter is interactive and will keep your child busy for hours on end.

Free new app to teach kids about food while developing listening skills

Mar 01, 2013 - TinyTap announces Making Pizza, one in a newly released series of educational kids apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. In Making Pizza, your kids will join chef Pepperoni on a culinary adventure where they'll learn about more than just making pizza. Your kids will learn to follow basic instructions and will also work on expanding their vocabulary. Highly interactive and intuitive to use, Making Pizza is the funnest and easiest way to teach your kids about food.

New free app with real animal sounds to teach kids about farm animals

Feb 26, 2013 - One in a series of quality educational kids apps released by game creator TinyTap, The Farm Animals 1.1 for iOS is a new take on an old favorite. With this engaging, educational app, your kids will get to meet a collection of friendly farm animals, including a horse, a duck & even a dog. They'll even be exposed to real animal sounds; your child will make connections between animals & the sounds they make. Perfect for independent play and designed to be both child-friendly and intuitive to use.

Teach kids to read with TinyTap's free new Type Tool

Dec 18, 2012 - TinyTap is a free iPad based app which turns everyday moments into fun educational kids' games. Learning becomes a fun and engaging experience where any images or photos can be turned into educational games. The latest version of TinyTap includes the TinyTap Type Tool which makes it even easier for teachers and parents to teach kids the basics of reading. Children can actively participate in the story creation process turning them into the authors of their own stories.