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Trackable Video Messaging App Officially Launches in the App Stores

Nov 14, 2017 - Busivid Corporation officially announces Busivid Send Video 1.2, the company's new person-to-person messaging app for iOS and Android devices. With Busivid Send Video, sent videos and playlists are capable of being viewed on almost any device or connection, without worrying about what apps, software or browser the recipient is using. Real-time notifications give users insight into when their videos are viewed, and what interested their recipient.

Leading App Marketing Company Officially Offers App Development

Oct 18, 2017 - Austin based mobile app marketing agency, brings on a team of experienced developers to ensure client success from start to finish. traditionally specializes in maximizing downloads, user engagement, and media coverage. Now, they have extended their services to facilitate client success with a full range of mobile app development services from the initial brainstorming phases to quarterly projections, ROI initiatives, acquiring investors and more.

New Custom Photo Flashcards iPad App Reinvents Traditional Education

Oct 26, 2016 - iRecognize Solutions, LLC today announces the official launch of iRecognize 2.0.6, their app for creating custom photo flashcard quizzes for iPad devices. iRecognize allows users to create quizzes intended for learning and recollection by using their own photos, text, and voice to create one-of-a-kind educational material. Unlike traditional, and often mundane testing material, iRecognize has created a unique learning environment to improve and test skills of all levels.

Popular 90s Novelty Toy Is Back with a Mobile App

Oct 24, 2016 - THE FINAL WORD, a prank gadget introduced in the 90s, has been revolutionized into a mobile app. With THE FINAL WORD app you can control how loud you want your to be heard, and you can press the button as many times as you like. With the push of a button, randomized insults will be shouted from your mobile device. It's also available on Apple Watch, so you can hide next to someone and have it shouted at them directly. The app has 4 original insult phrases plus an additional 2 new ones.

Mobile App Marketing Company Releases App Development Infographic

Aug 23, 2016 - Austin-based releases an infographic that reveals the key insights to consider when choosing a platform for development. The infographic compares the positives and negatives of both iOS and Android development including development costs, user market, and ROI. Titled "iOS or Android: Which One for App Development?" lists over 15 pros and cons of development through iOS and Android. It touches on the importance of target audience and also mentions the issues with fragmentation.

Say 'TTT' App Generates Custom Repeated Announcements for Any Event

Jul 20, 2016 - Austin based uSafeguard Inc. announces Say 'TTT' 1.2 for iOS, a new customized announcement generator that provides a way to create custom repeated announcements for any event in a handy and timely manner. Say 'TTT' has taken the power and functionality of a wired paging system utilizing digital announcers, to repeat messages and packed those capabilities into your smartphone. The app focuses on saving time by answering questions people might have at any event.

Social Sharing App, Codepix, Reinvents How Users Interact with Content

Nov 17, 2015 - Austin based CodePix Inc. today officially launches CodePix 1.2.1 for iOS. CodePix makes it easy for users to create their own privacy based on what their friends know. The app lets users send photos and messages that can only be revealed with a gesture or text passcode. CodePix does not require users to recreate their social network on its platform. Users can share CodePix posts directly or through common social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

Challenging Strategy and Action iPad Game Launches in iTunes

May 14, 2015 - Wild Oak Software LLC today officially launches Epic Bug War 1.0, a strategy and action game for the iPad. Epic Bug War hosts epic battles between humans and alien bugs for control of Earth. The game offers up to 1,400 independent characters at a time, creating chaotic and fast action all over the screen. With over 100 waves of alien bugs to battle, Epic Bug War provides many hours of entertainment for fans of strategy and action games.

Social App Combines Messages With Map Location For Fast Local Networking

Dec 17, 2014 - Interesti LLC today announces Shout 2.31, an update to their wildly popular a social networking app for iOS and Android devices. Shout couples social messages with map locations, allowing users to share messages with contacts they can see are in their area. GPS technology pinpoints user locations on a map, and messages exchanged are absolutely free. Shout's simple method of communication offers effective and meaningful local networking, delivering an overall unique user experience.