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Motivation words gets an amazing update

Feb 02, 2013 - Creativity App is proud to announce Motivation Words V1.2 is now way more advanced and provide crisp clear text, you can now edit your own Quotes and impress your friends and relative, you can add some funny quotes to your pictures and share it on Facebook & Twitter, enjoy more that 200 Motivational quotes from the best people to help you improve your life and be happier. Add motivational quotes to your pictures just for free, to inspire yourself and others.

Motivation Words 1.0 released for iOS: Motivate Yourself and Feel Better

Jul 05, 2012 - Creativity Apps today introduces Motivation Words 1.0, its new entertainment app for iOS devices. Motivation Words offers a simple concept to make you feel happier, through words said by the most successful people. Wakeup in the morning and charge your soul with these words and start a successful day. Add motivational quotes to your pictures just for free, to inspire yourself and others and be happier, use existing pictures, enjoy images taken previously, and make your life easier.

Prayer Counter Is now released

May 30, 2012 - Creativity App is proud to introduce Prayer Counter 1.0. Let the iPhone count your prostrations while you are praying, no more thinking in your prayer, it's time to concentrate better in it. Stop the devil from playing with your mind, just a small look at the iPhone and you will know how many prostration you have finished. Place the iPhone on the prayer rug, when you finish your second prostration it will count one Rak'ah. The app idea is very simple so you won't get dragged by so many things.

Impress your Friends with App that reads their mind

May 23, 2012 - Indie developer Ashraf Jandali is proud to introduce Mind Teaser Magic 1.0 for iOS. All you need to do is put one of the images you see in your mind, the App will ask you if your image is in 5 sets of pictures, then finally it will reveal the picture you have chosen. Make your friends jump from their seats asking how did you know what was in their mind. It's a very simple App but yet very entertaining!