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Peow! Peow! Studios Delivers Mobile App Help for the Colorblind

Mar 04, 2013 - California based Peow! Peow! Studios today introduces The Colorblind Corrector 1.0, their new medical app for iOS. The Colorblind Corrector offers sufferers of colorblindness the ability to distinguish between colors that they are typically unable to differentiate due to their condition. The app works by isolating specific colors within the normal visual spectrum. The user simply opens the app on their device; peers through the camera, live, and sees the world in all its color corrected beauty.

Peow! Peow! Studios Releases Ultimate Christmas Trivia App

Jul 17, 2012 - The dynamic duo at Peow! Peow! Studios are celebrating Christmas in July with the launch of Ultimate Christmas Trivia 1.0, an iPhone app that is two presents in one. Ultimate Christmas Trivia features an animated countdown-to-Christmas clock and a fun trivia game for both kids and adults alike. The game includes more than 650 age-appropriate multiple choice questions, more than 450 random Christmas facts, more than 50 Christmas jokes for kids, plus fun animation and entertaining characters.

Countdown To Brazil + Trivia 1.0 for iOS - World Cup News and Trivia

Jun 18, 2012 - Fueled by an unhealthy obsession with football, aka soccer in the U.S., Peow! Peow! Studios today launched Countdown To Brazil + Trivia 1.0, a free iPhone app that keeps users up-to-date with World Cup news. This app includes over 300 World Cup trivia questions and counts down the days, hours, minutes and seconds to the world's most widely viewed sporting event. The app allows users to share via Facebook and Twitter, test football knowledge, and read the latest World Cup-related info.