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Super Jezzball Touch - Classic Arcade Action, Modern Touch Controls

Jun 16, 2014 - SulliOS today announces Super Jezzball Touch 1.0.1, a fully-functional free version of their fun-to-play game title for iPhone and iPad. Jezzball is a classic computer game where the objective is to click to draw lines to fill over 75% of the play field while avoiding contact with the increasing number of jezzballs. Super Jezzball Touch is the iOS re-imagining with quick, responsive touch controls and power-ups. Compete on Game Center for the highest score at ball trapping puzzle action.

Learn about the cosmos with Astro Tapper - an addicting tapping game

May 29, 2014 - SulliOS has released a new, free, addicting app experience - Astro Tapper. Players tap to make more stars to populate the universe, while saving up to spend stars on real astrophysical upgrades to passively make stars. You even earn stars while you are away from your game. Simple addicting gameplay, while learning about real cosmological phenomena. Astro Tapper is a fun game to mindlessly tap away, while also spending some time to think about the universe.

Achroma - Colorful Space Invasion Shooter available on iOS

Aug 06, 2012 - Achroma - Colorful Space Invasion Shooter, developed by SulliOS, is a tilt-controlled action shooter experience inspired by the space invader theme and the gameplay of so-called 'bullet-hell' arcade games. Players tilt, swipe, and tap to control their bi-chromatic flying saucer with color-based invulnerability to enemy weaponry. Achroma will be released with an early-bird promotional period until August 15 2012, offering a bonus of coins for use in the in-game shop towards ship upgrades.

MyRPS+ comes to iOS - turn-based Rock, Paper, Scissors Fun

May 12, 2012 - SulliOS has taken the classic game of Rock, Paper, Scissors (RPS) and added to it (+) a few turn-based strategic elements to create MyRPS+ 1.0 with simple high-score chasing fun! With the addition of contemporary gaming motifs, such as health points, timing skill tests, and power-ups, MyRPS+ is a unique spin on RoShamBo available in the App Store. MyRPS+, with simple touch screen controls, allows the user to compete for high scores and achievements against increasingly difficult computer opponents.