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Santa is not Near -Santa is Here! Santa Slide was just released!

Dec 11, 2012 - Game Carrot is happy to announce a new and fun way to boost your Christmas spirit. Play Santa Slide on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Guide Santa in the right direction. Help him collect candy and protect cheerful snowmen and little elves you meet on your way. You have to keep them safe for the holidays!!! Little Elves bring some of the best candy to you , don't forget to pick it up.

The Free Version of Funny Drive is now available on the App Store

Nov 19, 2012 - The free version of Funny 3D Driving Adventure Game for iPhone and iPad is finally available at the App Store! Colorful environments, amusing characters, addictive game play is only a part of what makes Funny Drive Lite a great free entertainment for kids and families! he game play is exciting, challenging, randomized, endless and most importantly fun! The game play is really easy to pick up but it gets much more complicated after a short while since the driving speed is constantly increasing.

Bumpy Rides with lots of Funny Faces - Funny Drive for iPhone and iPad

Nov 09, 2012 - Game Carrot is proud to introduce Funny Drive 1.0 for iOS, a 3d amusing adventure that aims to provide a positive energy boost for kids and their families. Colorful 3d graphics, adorable 3d characters and appealing over all style is only part of what makes Funny Drive great daily activity for anyone. The game play is exciting, challenging, randomized, endless and most importantly fun! The game presents stylish environments with a variety of amusing fellows riding around their town.

Run Spirit Lite 1.0 for iOS - Ecological 3D Adventure Game

Jun 29, 2012 - Game Carrot introduces Run Spirit Lite 1.0 for iOS, their free Ecological Running Adventure Game. The Action takes place just after an Ecological crisis stroke Earth. People are expected to deal with the harsh environmental conditions and help planet Earth Recover. Because of the air limitations, running and recycling is the only possible way of life. Run Spirit Lite is a Free Ad supported version of the full Run Spirit Adventure Game also available on iPhone and iPad.

One planet, One Run, One Eco Adventure for iPhone and iPad on AppStore

May 23, 2012 - Game Carrot has Released an ecological running adventure game for iPhone and iPad. The game takes place shortly after a major environmental crisis stroke Earth and draws a new road map towards a successful future. Besides overcoming different obstacles at the game tunnels, the player has to be Eco Aware and recycle plastic and glass bottles while collecting those separately on the run. Only the "Green" Players can refill their air bars and gain resources for the future.