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The "Measure Your Land" 3.0.5 - tape measure for planet Earth - is here

Aug 01, 2012 - The Ribaba's team is proud to release an update of "Measure Your Land" iOS app. In this minor update a search bar is added. Now it's possible to search for any building or ground by it's address or zip code and measure it's length or area. Measuring roads, buildings or lands from the bird's eye view is the main mission of the app. Just find an object on the map, select "line" or "area" tool and tap along the outline of the object. The app will show the corresponding distance or area.

Measure Your Land 3.0.0 for iOS - Explain Earth Objects Length and Width

Jun 04, 2012 - Saint Petersburg developers' Ribaba today announces Measure Your Land 3.0.0 for iOS, their application the easily makes several measurements of Earth objects on a satellite map, providing users with an accurate measurement of mapped areas. Users may share measurements by email. Users may identify the difference in length between two paths, find the real area of locations, and calculate the total size of several measurement figures.