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Crystal Crusader puzzle game launched Free on iOS devices

Apr 23, 2015 - Dim Sum Lab today introduces Crystal Crusader 1.0, its latest new game title for the iOS platform. Crystal Crusader features over 100 levels, thousands of collectable creatures, and rewards to help you level-up your team. Every character has been meticulously created with maximum HP, ATK, RCV & SPD on their cards. This fast-paced puzzle game has all types of heroes, creatures and gods, including the Basilisk and Daedelus The Wise. Additional rewards can be won in our PvP and Daily Bonus rounds.

Tap like a Sir - Sir Tapalot - New Tap and Dash Game for iOS

Jul 10, 2014 - Dim Sum Lab today introduces Sir Tapalot 1.0.1, their latest game for the iOS platform. Dragons are a dime a dozen for Sir Tapalot, with each passing stage exposing more of the weird and wonderful foes the game has to offer. Tap once and watch him pound through monsters and magic blocks a-plenty. Shoot across the screen on an 8-bit soundtrack while you poke your little sword at morbidly obese sprouts, sock puppets, alien species, badass ninjas, and other familiar fear-mongering characters.

WTF is being released today?

Jun 12, 2014 - Dim Sum Lab today introduces What The Foto 1.0.4, latest app of addiction for iOS devices. WTF is a photo guessing game that uniquely utilises the smartphone camera and or photo library. WTF offers a completely uninhibited gaming experience by allowing users to decide how and what they would like to showcase to their friends, family and loved ones. Simply snap a photograph, slice it up in panels, add some funky filters, and have friends guess the photo in a limited number of letter tiles.

Hungry? Dim Sum Story is the newest iOS game to satisfy your cravings

Jun 18, 2012 - Hungry? Dim Sum Story is the newest iOS game to satisfy your cravings. The game play is designed to delight the palate with multiple mouthwatering arcade games, perfect for your daily commute. Unlock new levels, amuse your bouche with achievements and upgrades by "Flicking", "Tapping", "Kicking", "Spinning" and "Steaming" your Dim Sum to gastronomic glory. Hours of steamy entertainment are assured with this bite-sized package of fun.