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WeatherRun 3.0 - Track Fitness Activities on the Apple Watch

May 11, 2015 - GammaPoint announces the release of WeatherRun 3.0 for the iPhone and Apple Watch. Apple Watch users can view weather, start and stop their activity right from their Apple Watch. Using the M7 and M8 motion co-processors, Weather Run tracks users' step count and elevation data. The device also works with the Pebble smart watch. Users can track their activity via beautiful graphs and charts, and can share their activity on social networking sites, or via email.

TipBox - an iPhone app to keep track of tips and wages

Feb 17, 2014 - Have you ever struggled to keep a tab on your tips and hourly wages then Tip Box app is the for you. GammaPoint has released the first version of Tip Box 1.0, an iPhone app to track and log tips, hourly wages and jobs. One doesn't need a manual or help to use this simple and intuitive app. As the app is launched, users get a glance of their monthly data. Just tap on the plus button to enter your tips, hours or wages for the day and Tip Box automatically calculates all the other stats for you.

Ouch - A Chronic Pain Logger designed for iOS7

Nov 22, 2013 - GammaPoint, the mobile app development company has released the first version of Ouch, an iPhone app to track chronic pain. There is no manual or help needed to use this simple and intuitive app. Ouch app can be used to track any kind of pain such as migraine, arthritis, fibrosis. Triggers, symptoms, medications and pain locations are fully customizable. Pain log data can be shared with your doctor from within the app. Users can also add & mark their period date to see the co-relation.

WeatherRun iPhone App Adds Metric Units and Step Count to Activity Stats

Oct 13, 2013 - GammaPoint is proud to announce the updated WeatherRun 2.3 for iOS. The popular run tracking iPhone app, WeatherRun has been updated with worldwide weather conditions, metric units and a way to check step count for each activity. It connects with TI sensor tag to provide more accurate and local environmental data. WeatherRun also supports adding geo-tagged photos to one's activity tracks. The developers have put great effort in creating a unique and beautiful user interface.

Altigram App - Altimeter with a Photo

Aug 14, 2013 - Oregon based leader in GPS based apps, GammaPoint today introduces Altigram 1.0, its new navigation app for iOS devices. Simple and very easy-to-use, Altigram offers a beautiful way to check altitude and mark pictures with current altitude and location. The app provides common weather stats such as temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, sunrise and sunset times. Users can easily calibrate their elevation value, share a watermarked picture via Facebook, Twitter or email and more.

WeatherRun - Outpace the Weather with WeatherRun iPhone App

Jun 06, 2013 - GammaPoint, the leader in GPS based apps has released WeatherRun 1.0, a complete a new way to track outdoor activities. The motive behind the app is to provide the accurate weather conditions along with activity tracking. The unique feature of the app is drag and drop buttons for a customized dashboard. Now users are not stuck with what developer wants to show them but they can setup their own dashboard and see the bigger picture of what matters to them the most.

Bike On iPhone App - Bicycle Routes and Directions with Voice Navigation

May 02, 2013 - Leader in GPS based mobile apps, GammaPoint LLC today introduces Bike On 1.0, its new voice guided bike directions app. Designed for use on the iPhone 4 & iPhone 5, Bike On uses GPS and Google Biking Directions API to map bicycle directions and provides turn-by-turn voice guided Biking Navigation. Users can search for nearby points of interest or pick a contact address within the app. It maintains a history of previously searched addresses to make it easier to find an address the next time.

GammaPoint Releases Speed n Miles -A Speedometer App for iPhone

Dec 09, 2012 - GammaPoint LLC, the leader in developing GPS based mobile apps, has released Speed n Miles - an iPhone app to track speed and distance traveled. The Speed n Miles app can be used in-vehicle, while running, biking or on a boat trip to view and record trip statistics in real time. Users can easily switch from imperial or metric units and select different alert settings for speed and driving pattern alerts. A color changing ball placed in the center of speedometer shows a driver's driving behavior.

Trip Miles iPhone app Makes GPS Trip Tracking a breeze

Nov 18, 2012 - GammaPoint has released Trip Miles to track in-vehicle mileage and driving behavior data. The app, designed for use on the iPhone 4 & iPhone 5, uses the device's GPS to track details of a driver's trip that can be later shared via email or dropped into Dropbox account. The trip logs can be viewed in an easy to view log format or on a calendar. While driving, users can switch their dashboard view from fuel expenses view to map view or to driving chart view & can also view weather in real time.