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iSelfie Two - Remote Control another iOS device to take Picture or Video

Feb 25, 2015 - Wimlog today introduces iSelfie Two 1.0, its new remote selfie video cam. Using device-to-device WiFi, iSelfie Two wirelessly connects with another iOS device to remote take photos or video. One device acts as camera host, while the other device acts as the remote control. Once connected, the remote controller is able trigger the camera host to take picture or video, with delay timer. With live camera preview on both devices, the app does not require 3G or a WiFi router to connect.

Convert short iPhone video into photo grid

Dec 04, 2014 - HK based Wimlog today introduces vPhotoGrid - video to photogrid 1.0, its new app for iOS devices. vPhotoGrid allows anyone to convert a short iPhone video into photo grid, then merge the photo grid back to the video. This photo grid can be shown as the thumbnail of the saved video. Also, the photo grid can be further edited; the user can draw, write text and put image stickers on the photo, and posted to any online photo sharing platform.

Password Pattern, a password app that cannot be hacked by supercomputer

May 21, 2014 - Wimlog today introduces Password Pattern 1.0 for iOS, a new application that helps anyone to remember passwords with a visual dot pattern. The app itself does not store passwords, thus it cannot be hacked. The database, master password and the dot pattern are protected by highest 256-bit AES encryption, which keep your passwords safe. This app create a screen of alphanumeric dot matrix screen. Remember your own favorite dot pattern, remember all your passwords.

iSelfie 1.0 for iOS: connecting 2 iOS devices to remote take pictures

Jan 02, 2014 - Wimlog is proud to announce the release of iSelfie - camera remote control 1.0 for iOS. This app is to wireless connect 2 iOS devices, one act as camera host, the other act as remote controller. The camera host is using high resolution back camera to take picture. The remote controller comes with camera button, with camera preview, adjustable timer, and torch control. No more re-take. No more missing person. No more stretching arm!

Cats in Black 1.0 for iOS: Fiendishly Clever Sliding Puzzle Appears Easy

Mar 21, 2013 - Wimlog debuts Cats in Black 1.0 for iOS, its sliding puzzle game, where players move one or more cats within an 8x11 grid with the goal of capturing an egg. They need to plan several moves ahead, while following the simple rules of the game: a cat must always alternate between horizontal and vertical moves. Players must visualize a series of moves to capture the egg, use obstacles to their advantage, strategically relocate movable objects, and avoid landing on corner squares that cage the cat.

Import Facebook Friend Profile Pictures to iPhone Address Book

Jun 19, 2012 - Contact Profile Pictures 1.0 for iOS is an iPhone application that imports Facebook friend profile pictures and website photos to iPhone contacts. When the phone rings, the calling name and associate picture will display on the screen. This helps to quickly identify the calling person. Contact Profile Pictures also comes with a visual contact list with profile pictures. User can click to go to detail screen, make phone call or send email to the person.