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Math Dory 1.0 for iOS: Interactive Math + Logic Practice for Kids 4 to 8

Sep 27, 2013 - VCare Creation today introduces Math Dory 1.0 for iOS, its interactive, edutainment app for kids 4 to 8, which provides stimulating practice in basic arithmetic and logic. Math Dory includes features rarely seen in most similar apps, including: 7 categories of problems, 3 modes of operation, 3 - 8 difficulty settings for each category, personalized settings for 5 different kids, progress report sent to parent's email, multiple activities within each category, and randomly generated problems.

RexNFoodbot 1.0 for iOS-Kids Help Rex Eat Only Healthy Foods Puzzle Game

Dec 20, 2012 - VCare Creation today introduces RexNFoodbot 1.0 for iOS, its puzzle game for young kids, where they must help Rex eat healthy foods and avoid junk food. After completing the first 6 levels, players must help repair Rex's creation, Foodbot. All characters, objects, and backgrounds consist of touch sensitive, mixed-media collage, made from real fabrics, papers, tiles, and drawings. Free of the electronic glare of CGI, the app's lessons on good nutrition are enhanced by its hand-made, organic art.

Math Ocean 1.1 for iOS: Interactive Math + Logic Practice for Kids

Jul 30, 2012 - VCare Creation today announces Math Ocean 1.1 for iOS, an update to their education app for kids, which provides practice in solving basic arithmetic and logic problems. Dory, a lovely girl dolphin, guides students through activities in oceans and on beaches, practicing subtraction, addition, matching, sorting, and completing patterns. With colorful animation, interactive graphics, a talking dolphin, and playful music, the app has two levels of difficulty and meets CCSS standards.

Math Ocean 1.0 for iOS - Children Learn Math Skills and Have Fun

Jun 29, 2012 - VCare Creation announces that their first game, Math Ocean 1.0 for iOS, is now available for iOS. Math Ocean is an edutainment game that help children, ages 0-6, learn basic math skills through stunts performed by different sea creatures. Math skills introduced in Math Ocean include addition, subtraction, patterns, matching and sorting. Math Ocean includes two difficulty levels, originally composed music and a sticker level that allows children retrieve their achievements & rewards at any time.