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WordSpot Challenges Players to Find Over 100 Hidden Words

Dec 27, 2012 - Maguy Studios today introduces WordSpot Challenge 1.0 for iOS. The player's objective is to find the hidden words in the pyramid of letter tiles. The words must be formed from adjacent tiles, which are stacked like bricks. The game is deceptively simple but comes with interesting twists such as special tiles that increase word value, limited use tiles which turn into a useless block after a few uses and more. Challenging and fun, there are always well over 100 words hidden in the small pyramid.

Jump Dog vs. Angry Monsters 1.0 for iOS: A Next-Gen Cinematic Jumper

Jul 05, 2012 - Jump Dog vs. Angry Monsters 1.0, a new iOS jumper, pushes the jumper genre forward with a game that features fluid animations, cinematic music and a touch of humor. Gamers play as a cute dog with superpowers, including the very canine "toxic toot". Jump Dog battles his way up 9 different stages by jumping and flying while collecting coins and powerups, shooting zombies and avoiding powerdowns. The player decides when to use his powers instead of picking them up, as in popular jumpers.