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iCarMode 3.4 released for iOS - Popular App for Drivers

Feb 15, 2016 - Indie developer Diego Resnik today announces iCarMode 3.4, an update to his popular productivity app for iOS devices. iCarMode is a driving optimized app that allows safer use of any mounted iPhone with minimum distraction. The app has large buttons that allow easy and safe access to music, shortcut for dialing, preferred GPS app as well as other car and driving related functionality. For older cars, it's an ideal substitute for built-in dashboard systems that more recent cars offer.

iCarMode - 50% Price Drop for a Limited Time

May 17, 2013 - iCarMode announces a 50% price reduction on iCarMode 2.7, for a limited time, starting May 1, 2013. The app enables users to use their iPhone safely while driving. iCarMode contains the major features needed to ease and improve the iPhone-Car experience. The app features a big buttoned music player, quick dialup to contacts, easy access GPS apps, parked car finder, parking meter reminder, places nearby helper, and more.

iCarMode - Use Your iPhone Safely While Driving

Oct 22, 2012 - Indie developer Diego Resnik is proud to announce iCarMode version 2.4 for iOS. The app enable users to use their iPhone when driving, and easily listen to music, make a phone call and find their favorite GPS app icon among hundreds. iCarMode provides quick and safer access to the most useful functions while driving and other car related functions. In addition, the app helps users find where they parked their car, provides parking meter reminders, and more.