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Pirate adventure Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet launches on iOS

Feb 09, 2017 - Application Systems today introduces Nelly Cootalot 1.1, the company's new adventure game title for iOS devices. Pirate heroine Nelly Cootalot takes on the evil Baron Widebeard in this hilarious adventure game. Meet an outlandish cast of characters featuring the voice of Tom Baker, and face perplexing challenges in your search for the Treasure of the Seventh Sea. Created by award-winning comedian and filmmaker Alasdair Beckett-King, the game was selected by Apple as Best of Mac App Store 2016.

Splee and Glob: Monster Defense for Mac, PC and Linux

Jun 23, 2014 - Application Systems Group announces Splee & Glob: Monster Defense, an Action Real Time Strategy game for PC, Mac and Linux. Potentially available in the future for Wii U, PlayStation 4 and XBox One, depending on the success of our Kickstarter campaign. Players defend a bizarre monster-filled world against A.I.-driven robots. Splee & Glob is suitable for die-hard genre fans and at the same time provides a frustration-free experience for casual gamers.

GhostControl Inc. - ghostly strategy game - available today on Steam

Jun 06, 2014 - Application Systems and bumblebee announce the launch of GhostControl Inc. 2.0. Manage a team of ghosthunters and free London from paranormal terror in turn-based battles. Side affects of living in a haunted home can include sleepless nights, headaches, smog and more. Take on the ghosts, follow the map, take in the lovely sites and stunning landmarks. Version 2.0 has many improvements and new features and is available for Mac, PC and Linux.

6 takes! - Million selling card game available as app

Jun 05, 2014 - 6 takes!, Wolfgang Kramer's ingeniously simple card game with "bullheads," is now also as an app. Application Systems today introduces 6 takes! 1.0.1, its new game title for iOS and Android. 6 takes! is regarded as a modern classic among card games and has been sold all over the world. The aim of the game is avoid getting any cards. Each card you have to pick up will cost you minus points per bullhead on it. The player with the fewest bullheads at the end of the game is the winner.

GhostControl Inc. for Mac/PC/Linux shipping - Ghostly Strategy Game

Jan 30, 2014 - UK based Application Systems today introduces GhostControl Inc. 1.0.7, its new turn based strategy game for Mac/PC/Linux. Manage a team of ghosthunters and free London from paranormal terror in turn-based battles. Develop your own strategy and build your business well. Featuring 18 different ghost types and numerous variations with a nifty AI, GhostControl Inc. offers challenging boss fights with special scripting and a story line for each of them.

Free App Cafe International Solo iOS is shipping

Oct 17, 2013 - Application Systems today is proud to announce Cafe International Solo for iOS is shipping. The Free App features two single player modes. The paid sister app Cafe International which includes Multiplayer games via Game Center and locally on the same device was number one of all paid iPad Apps in Germany in August 2013. Cafe International Solo contains the two full single player games "Solitaire" & "Time Game" as they are both in the full App "Cafe International" which has been rated fantastic.

Cafe International for iPhone and iPad Easter Sale on the App Store

Mar 28, 2013 - Application Systems announces that Cafe International 2.1.1 is on sale over Easter, for $2.99 USD instead of $4.99. It is a fun and challenging strategic board game for iPhone and iPad. Using the original caricatures from the original popular board game, players will find that not every guest wants to sit next to the other in Cafe International. Players must keep everyone happy and seat them at the right tables, according to their nationality and gender, to win.

Cafe International iOS - v2.0 Launched Now with Online Multiplayer

Nov 29, 2012 - Application Systems announce the release of the latest version of Cafe International for iOS. Cafe International 2.0 now features online turn based multiplayer gaming using Game Center, enhanced gameplay for iPhone 5 and an auto facing board - turning to each players direction automatically when multiple players are sitting around their iPad. We are thrilled by the positive customer feedback around the globe with a huge majority rating the game with five stars.

Spookick 2012 Haunting Macs Everywhere this Halloween

Oct 31, 2012 - Application Systems Group announces Spookick 1.2.3 for Mac and PC. In the small, dark and eerie town of Spookville, the people are being terrorized by the dead residents of 17 Chester Street. Players must save them from the hell of haunting this Halloween by keeping the ghosts amused with the one thing they love the most - a good game of pumpkin passing. Players use a bat to flip pumpkins to the ghostly gang and click on the letter-stealing spirits that help spell out a spooky theme.