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8 Bit Bubble lets you add Retro Speech Bubbles to your Mobile Photos

Jun 05, 2014 - Head Studios is proud to release 8 Bit Bubble for iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle Fire. Everyone want to add retro speech bubbles to your Photos? Well now you can, with 8 Bit Bubble. The app includes easy minimalist interface that makes creating bubbles easy and multiple bubble tails and positions. Plus, one can share thier photo on social networks. This is a must have app for any retro 8 Bit fan that loves anything old School Nintendo. 8 Bit Bubble is ready for customization.

Ghost Cam+ Screamer Prank Edition for iPhone, Android, and Kindle Fire

Oct 21, 2013 - There are many Ghost Apps on iTunes & GooglePlay, but none that Actually scare you. Cat Head Studios is proud to announce that Ghost Cam+ Screamer Prank Edition looks to change that. Scaring our friends is easy; Snap a picture, add a few ghosts, set a timer, than hand it to a friend to unknowingly to inspect your photo for ghostly apparitions. When the secret timer reaches 0 watch them jump out of their skin as a Terrifying Screaming Face shrieks into your friend's face! Simple, scary and fun!

Ghost FX now with Screamer Prank!

Apr 18, 2013 - Indie App developer, Cat Head Studios, has done it again by creating the scariest app to date, Ghost FX! Using the app is simple! With the Ghost FX App you can import any picture from a your iPhone Library and turn it into a ghost pic, or even take a picture from within Ghost FX! But that's just the beginning. Use any of our ghosts from our creepy ghost library. Featuring the largest Ghost Library then any other App on iTunes, Ghost FX is sure to scare the hell out your friends!

See any Tattoo on yourself with TattooFX on iOS and Android

Jan 11, 2013 - Innovative mobile application developer, Cathead Studios today introduces TattooFX 1.0, their most epic app developed for iOS and Android devices. TattooFX separates itself from any other tattoo app. Using its unique tattoo interface TattooFX lets you try hundreds of tattoos on your body without actually getting inked. With the largest library of tattoos to try your body, TattooFX, helps you creatively imagine your perfect tattoo, or trick your friends to think you got a tat!

Colored Front Facing Flash now on IOS

Dec 11, 2012 - CatHeadStudios is proud to release FlashFX for iPhone. FlashFX turns your iPhone's screen into a colorable camera flash! The interface is intuitive, and was inspired by Apple's own Photo Booth! Start off by creating a "Flash" in the simple Flash Editor (millions of combinations to choose from), then snap and click! When you're all finished, all your favorite social networks (Twitter, Facebook, and Email) are available to share instantly. You can also save your FlashFX photo to your phone.

Ghost Snap Halloween Sale

Oct 27, 2012 - Cat Head Studios is proud to announce Ghost Snap 2.0 for iOS. Using the app is simple! With Ghost Snap App you can import any picture from a your iPhone Library and turn it into a ghost pic. Use any of our ghosts from our creepy ghost library. Freak out your friends. For any user that loves classic horror movies like Ghostbusters, Nightmare on Elm Street, Poltergeist or Friday the 13th, this app is a must. Get ready for paranormal activity fun! More than 45+ ghosts and ghouls to choose from.

Sticker Time Out Now for iPad and iPhone

Sep 10, 2012 - Sticker Time 1.0 for iOS is the latest Interactive app from Cat Head Studios. Sticker Time is a fun free interactive Sticker Book with over 300+ unique stickers to play with. Users choose from Dinosaur Friends, Puppies and Kitties, Jungle Friends, Farm Friends, Underwater Friends, and more. Use your Camera, Photo Library, or Cartoon Backgrounds to put stickers on. When finished with Sticker Creations, users may save, email, or post to Twitter and Facebook.

Rage Booth for iPhone and Android

Jul 23, 2012 - Cat Head Studios is proud to introduce Rage Booth 1.0, a new app for iPhone and Android. Using the app is simple! Choose from two awesome modes; Rage Creator and Rage Face. It's like two Apps in one! In Rage Creator mode take a picture of your friends and stick Rage Faces stickers all over them. You can also use write your own phrases on your pic for maximum LULZ. With 140 Stickers to choose from! With 130+ stickers the LUL possibilities are endless!