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Kicking The Homeless To The Desert

May 22, 2014 - Not all homeless people are addicts, or mentally insane. In fact there's a large community of homeless people just down on their luck. The solution for them is not so simple as "Go get a job", when the public won't even look them in the eye. But this is Silicon Valley, where one day you could be sleeping in your car, and the next day you're a millionaire. Simon Brooks, a British expat in Silicon Valley, is one of those people living in his car, only he has two dogs with him.

Never Mind The bollocks Here's The Great Punk 'n' Words Kickstarter

May 14, 2014 - A team of five head to the Mojave Desert for two weeks to build Zook Words, a reinvention of Scrabble, minus the cheats and with a few extra levels of strategy. Zook Words eliminates the usefulness of current technology cheat packs, which have ruined the user experience for honest Scrabble and Words With Friends players. It comes with a bigger board, and two rows of contrasting value tiles. Game play itself is 'same but different'.

Gadzookery - Powered by New Edtech Social iOS Word Game

May 07, 2013 - Gadzookery is a fun, social, educational, acronym-based mobile word game that challenges players to create sentences and phrases based off of target words and score points against their friends. But it's more than just another entertaining social gaming diversion. Gadzookery's creator, Simon Brooks of Louisville, KY's SLIC games LLC sees it as a "Sentences With Friends" that also has educational potential and an impact on the nation's growing edtech scene.