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Overwhelming Response to 10 iPad Mini Giveaways at Smart Apps for Kids

Nov 12, 2012 - Smart Apps for Kids, the most followed kids app review site on the web, is giving away ten iPad minis just in time for Christmas and the response has been overwhelming. Started nearly two years ago, Smart Apps for Kids is the most visited website dedicated to reviewing iOS apps for children. The site, which has 25,000 fans on Facebook, also runs giveaways for apps and items likely to be of interest to parents, teachers and other professionals like speech therapists.

Smart Apps for Kids releases Top 100 Free iPad/iPhone Apps For Kids

Aug 02, 2012 - Kids app review site, Smart Apps for Kids has released its Top 100 Free Apps For Kids. There's an app for that! If someone were to download all the apps on the list, they'd have an app for making a book, creating a whiteboard presentation, writing and directing a cartoon, building a Lego vehicle, ordering a pizza, visiting Disneyland and even dressing an octopus! The ranking of the Top 100 was determined by the interest the site's readers showed in each app.