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New Game Square Up! - A Retro-looking Iteration of Dot Up!

Mar 17, 2015 - Switchback Media today announces Square Up! 1.1, an update to its fun-to-play game title developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. With a retro feel and one-touch controls, this endless game offers a unique variation to the popular Dot Up! gameplay. Square Up! offers a fresh take on the endless skills-type game with some unique features that might just give it the edge. Version 1.1 includes a new "Save Me" feature that offers the user a second chance after a death.

Shop With Ease - Increase Your Love For Christmas With the Gift It App

Nov 12, 2013 - Denver based Switchback Media LLC today announces Gift It - A Christmas Shopping List & Countdown App 1.3, an update to its popular free gifting app for iOS. The user can create and name as many separate lists as they want. Inside each list they can add gifts and assign a dollar amount to each one. Now in its second season, Gift It maintains the same level of simplicity and comfort as last year's holiday hit, but with a matured reinvigoration and tons of new features.

Dream Bucket List App - Live The Life You've Always Imagined

Dec 15, 2012 - Denver based Switchback Media LLC introduces Dream Bucket List 1.0, its new lifestyle app developed for iOS devices devices. Dream Bucket List is designed specifically to keep the user focused and driven on completing their long-elusive goals by guiding them through the potentially painful planning process. It features a "Your Bucket" screen, giving the user the freedom to list everything they want to knock off their bucket list. Within each bucket list item, the user can set up smaller goals.

Organize Your Packing List This Holiday Season With Trip Packing List

Dec 09, 2012 - Trip Packing List, the third in a line of list keeping apps by Switchback Media LLC, was just set to free in the iTunes store today, just in time for the Holidays. With Trip Packing List, users can quickly and easily plan and organize all their packing items for this Holiday Season. Featuring a fun design and simple interface, users can easily track the progress of their lists to help them stay focused and on track, as well as share packing lists with each other and more.

Switchback Media Takes A Risky Approach To Marketing New Christmas App

Nov 24, 2012 - Denver-based mobile app company, Switchback Media LLC, decided to take a risky approach to marketing their new Christmas shopping list app this holiday season. Instead of creating the typical promo video about their app, company founders decided to team up with a promising young filmmaker to produce a rather off-the-wall video aimed to peak interest in their app through the ultimate gift: humor.

Shop Easy This Season With Gift It - A Christmas Shopping List App

Nov 21, 2012 - Denver based Switchback Media LLC today introduces Gift It - A Christmas Shopping List App 1.0, its new holiday themed productivity app for iOS. Gift It - A Christmas Shopping List App introduces simplicity and a cartoon-like feel into the Christmas shopping list genre. Users can quickly and easily organize and manage all of their Christmas shopping lists this Holiday Season. The user can create and name as many separate lists as they want.

Storm Distance Calculator App Set To Free Just In Time For Frankenstorm

Oct 28, 2012 - Switchback Media LLC announced Sunday morning that Storm Distance Calculator is now free. All you have to do is tap the lightning button when you hear lightning, tap the thunder when you hear thunder, and then Storm Distance Calculator does the rest. Within seconds you will know the distance any storm is from you. With the growing anticipation of this year's most destructive storm, Switchback wanted to give people the opportunity to download their storm tracking app for free.

Colorado Mountain Climbers Create Storm Distance Calculator iOS App

Sep 17, 2012 - After numerous instances of having to flee the mountains due to mid-afternoon thunderstorms creeping in, owners of Denver-area app development company, Switchback Media LLC, decided to take matters into their own hands & create an app that tracks the distance of an approaching storm. Using simple technology, Storm Distance Calculator allows hikers, climbers, golfers, and other outdoor enthusiasts the ability to quickly & easily track the approximate distance of an approaching storm in seconds.