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iPhone App Lets Users Create Custom Emoticons

Jun 03, 2013 - LicketySplit Apps announces Emoticon Builder 1.03 for iPhone. The app allows users to fully create their own custom emoticons. Users select the style and color of the face, eyes, mouth and accessories. The user can then send these custom emoticons to friends via text message or post to Twitter and Facebook. Emoticon Builder gives user the ability to have fun with texting, while showing off their creativity.

Outrageous Emoji App Pushes the App Store Boundaries

Aug 09, 2012 - LicketySplit Apps announces Texticle 1.0.2 for iOS, an emoji/emoticon messaging app that allows users to create a custom message to send to friends using text and provocative icons. The user compilation is then captured as an image that can be sent to friends via text message or posted to Twitter and Facebook. Texticle allows users to finally have the edgy emoji they have been dying for and the ability to be more creative with text messaging.