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Graviton Block 1.0 released for iOS - Not a Tetrinomino, but close

Mar 11, 2013 - Madrid based Neotko Studios introduces Graviton Block 1.0, its new puzzle arcade game for iOS and Android. Graviton Block is far from the tetrinomino genre, as its game pieces do not rotate, but are attracted or repelled by other pieces called gravitons. The player's mission is to keep in-line the four particle generators, by putting together pieces to create 3x3 blocks so they disappear from the grid. Featuring 3 gaming modes, Graviton Block offers Game Center support and more.

NumberOne for iOS - Brain Puzzle with a Stroop-ish touch

Oct 10, 2012 - Neotko Studios introduces NumberOne Brain 1.5. The NumberOne update 1.5 brings 3 new modes to the game, being 6 in total and now it's Free on iOS and Android systems. Defy our concentration on a fast placed, yet simple premise. We show users a number, and they need to find it as fast as they can. Everytime users press the correct one we will show them a new arrange of numbers and the better they are, the harder it will be.

NumberOne for IOS . Brain Puzzle with a Stroop-ish touch

Aug 06, 2012 - The first app produced by Neotko Studios, NumberOne 1.0 for iOS is an intuitive game that teachs us to concentrate and to react quickly to the stimulus. A mesmerizing game which will be enjoyed by for all kinds of players, NumberOne is based on the Stroop effect, a demonstration of the reaction time of a task. An interference between both sides of the brain: the right side is based in recognising colours while the left tries to read the number, letter or symbol that appears on the tiles.