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Australian Artist Shares His 25-Year Artistic Journey With EBook Readers

Feb 26, 2018 - Melbourne-based author and artist Rich McLean announces A Certain Beauty in Un-resolution... ART; 3.5 the update to his eBook, a product of the artist's twenty-five-year journey of both traditional and digital art. The book is a visual portfolio of McLean's visual language, documenting his development as a passionate illustrator and artist. It contains a rich collection of graphic, illustrative, and traditional images that will delight and challenge the art connoisseur and layperson alike.

New iBook: Recent work by Richard Mclean, towards A/r/tography

Oct 29, 2012 - Drawing, Recent Work By Richard McLean focusses on drawings created for the exhibitions 'Back to Basics', and 'Return from Pessimism.' Richard takes us on a precursor of his journey into A/R/Tography to study a Masters in Education at Victoria University, Melbourne. This collection of 60 or so images along with a personal narrative and conceptual animations, gives an insight into where Richard has come from as an artist to his envisioned multimedia installation entitled 'The Universal Embrace'.