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AP Algebra Helper App To Learn, Solve, and Visualize Algebraic Equations

Mar 07, 2013 - AP Algebra Helper has been released on the iTunes App Store by Radius Development, LLC. The app features custom panels and plots for four different algebraic equations, each of which can solve for any of the parameters. This is the only app that provides direct solutions for any parameter and interactive plots for linear, quadratic, and dual linear equation systems. Students, educators, researchers, and business operations professionals will be delighted with this quick and easy solver.

Zip Through Ideal Gas Law Calculations Graphically

Aug 28, 2012 - The Best Ideal Gas Law Calculator has been updated on the iPhone App Store by Radius Development, LLC. The app features a multifunction calculation panel that streamlines ideal gas law calculations with graphical controls for values, units, and dependent variable selection. This app gives users an intuitive feel for the ideal gas equation and allows for quick and precise solutions as well as perturbation analysis. It's great for students, scientists, and experimenters.

Nutty Squirrels iPhone Game Highlights Artwork by Schoolchildren

Aug 15, 2012 - Radius Development, LLC introduces Nutty Squirrels 1.0, its fast-paced arcade-style game for iOS. Nutty Squirrels is simple in concept but quite challenging in practice; items falling out of a tree must be bounced into the nest using a movable trampoline. It features artwork drawn by the author's children using crayons, markers, and pencil. The hand-drawn work creates a unique look that is approachable for children to play. Playful sound effects & progressive difficulty complete the experience.