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Edinburgh University In Deal for Autism Games

Oct 19, 2013 - Announcing FindMe, a games app created by Tigerface Games, an award-winning education games company based at the University of Edinburgh, is proving to be a runaway success in helping young children with autism practice simple social skills. The university's commercialisation arm, ERI - Edinburgh Research and Innovation, has awarded further licenses to the games developer to create a suite of three games to expand the range of apps that aim to improve the social skills of autistic pre-schoolers.

iPad Games seeks to help Classrooms become more Collaborative and Social

Aug 22, 2012 - Classrooms of the future can potentially be more collaborative and team-based, thanks to two new iPad games. Newly launched Edinburgh-based developers Tigerface Games have worked with a number of Primary Schools and educators to produce a set of games designed to teach early age children social skills alongside standard literacy and numeracy skills. The developers hope that the games will encourage a new generation of children to be more confident learners and more effective contributors.