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Ninja inc. 1.3.2 for iOS - U.S. Top 10 Strategy Game Now Free

Jan 24, 2013 - Hao Yun Co., Ltd today announces that its hit game, Ninja inc. 1.3.2 for iOS, will be available free for a limited time. After the Apocalypse, a large population of brain-munching zombies still runs rampant. Mankind's only salvation is trained Ninja warriors, brave enough to face the walking dead. As Director of the newly formed Ninjas inc., the player must recruit and train civilians from all walks of life and transform them into the ultimate Ninja warriors to combat and defeat zombie scum!

Space Craft 1.0 for iOS - High Definition Tactical Battle on 100 Planets

Nov 09, 2012 - Gate9 Ltd today introduces Space Craft 1.0 for iOS, their new space game that engages players in a strategic warship battle. The player chooses a commander to defend or attack Earth and creates a personal armada to go up against enemy forces. With over 30 different ships to choose from, players work to destroy enemy ships with their warships' specialized weapons, unlocking more features as play goes on. The game features a dozen galaxies and over 100 planets in increasing levels.

Casino Jackpot 1.0 Free for iOS - Quality, Vegas-Inspired Casino Games

Nov 05, 2012 - Gate 9 Ltd. introduces Casino Jackpot 1.0 free for iOS, a collection of 5 high quality, Vegas-inspired casino games. Users can gamble with true-to-life odds at slots, spin wheel, scratch-offs, poker, and keno. Animated graphics, such as bouncing coins, and sound effects, from lively casino band music to crowds cheering, bring Vegas directly to players' fingertips. Daily tasks remind players of their goals in each game and offer daily bonuses while the Achievement System tracks past winnings.

Unblock Jennifer 1.0.1 Free for iOS: Sexy, Animated, Traffic Puzzle Game

Oct 10, 2012 - Gate9 Ltd. today introduces Unblock Jennifer 1.0.1 free for iOS, their wildly sexy, traffic puzzle game. Users aid two attractive female police officers as they work to get their car out of a blocked parking lot. With over 500 puzzles to enjoy, Unblock Jennifer challenges users to move around 23 luxurious cars to clear a path for the police. Features include two sexy animated characters, realistic sound effects, such as kissing lips, and entertaining props, including exploding bombs.

FURY 1.2.0 for iOS - Vent Hostility in Corporate Office, Side-Scroller

Oct 09, 2012 - No.1 Games today announces FURY 1.2.0 free for iOS, an update to their side scroller set in a corporate office, where players can release their frustrations, bludgeon bosses and office mates with 13 different makeshift weapons, and score combos and points. Get fired from work, and then get fired up, stalking the office and taking revenge on secretaries, UPS deliverymen, Senators, co-workers, Star Wars storm troopers, the Evil Leader, and zombies. Players can control any one of three characters.

Where's My Candy 1.0.1 for iOS: Cute Panda Collects Candy in Puzzle Game

Sep 19, 2012 - Zhangming Ltd. today introduces Where's My Candy 1.0.1 for iOS, their fun new puzzle game that anyone can enjoy. Players control Joy, an adorable panda with a desire for candy, as he travels through the bamboo forest, sky, castle, and more locations in search of sweets. The game features several levels that increase in difficulty as well as four separate character modes for Joy to adapt. By guiding Joy through the puzzle and avoiding enemy spiders, players gain points and new challenging levels.

Trinity War 1.1.0 for iOS: World War II Puzzle Sim, Build Strongest Army

Sep 18, 2012 - TopGameFree Ltd. today introduces Trinity War 1.1.0 for iOS, their new game simulating a World War II battlefield. Players become army generals and command their troops of Allied forces in the fight against the Nazis. The game features World War II style graphics, various branches of military and combat units, soldiers, Jeeps, and more. Players attempt to grow their army as large as possible until the game ends when the board has been filled.

Dragon Town 1.0.1 Free for iOS - Medieval Matching/Puzzle/RP Game

Sep 17, 2012 - Gate9 Ltd today introduces Dragon Town 1.0.1 free for iOS, their medieval-themed puzzle game where players try to get the treasure from the Dark Dragon by matching together three magical units of the same type. Complete with over 1,000 fantastic combinations, richly detailed graphics and animation, 10 types of D&D inspired units or characters, and enchanted props that can be used for defense and attack, Dragon Town will reward even the most avid gamer with hours of challenging strategy and fun.

NYC Dream 1.1.0 for iOS - Buy, Sell, and Live the Big City Dream

Sep 14, 2012 - Gate9 Ltd. today introduces NYC Dream 1.1.0 for iOS, their fantasy creation of the big city. Players find themselves in New York City with no money and a loan to pay off. They then can make it or break it in the famous city scene by earning money in Manhattan, anticipating the market at Central Station, and buying cheap goods in the black market. Users can work to realize their dreams as congressional representatives or Mafioso, all the while dodging the dangers and temptations of the big city.