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Sopwith Barons Revives Combat Flight Classic From 1984

Nov 27, 2012 - Uchinasoft today introduces Sopwith Barons 1.0.2, its new gaming title for iOS devices. Use your Bi-plane to destroy all of the enemy targets while avoiding enemy aircraft trying to shoot you down. Every challenger will face-off with the Red Baron but keep an eye out for the Blue, Green, and Brown Barons. Sopwith Barons features game-play statistics, achievements, medals, feats, and dynamic enemy AI to stop the player's flight to victory.

Kanji Assault Gives Students of Japanese a New Option

Sep 04, 2012 - An intense approach to motivate students learning Japanese, Kanji Assault is now available for iOS and Android. Engaging lessons and intense mini-games stress accuracy & repetition for students to quickly build speed in identifying single Kanji characters. Reaction time and responses determine the next test characters, ensuring that users are continuously challenged. Single character skills are then applied to the most commonly encountered compound Kanji in Japanese texts, signs, and newspapers.