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Monster Trucks for Babies - An Engaging Racing App for Ages 2-4

May 16, 2015 - Independent developer Fabio Bassan has released Monster Trucks for Babies 1.0 for iOS, a fun and engaging app with gameplay suited for children ages 2 to 4 years old. This fun app includes 12 amazing and colorful monster trucks, and 7 colorful and engaging scenarios, consisting of fun and exciting races that include interactive objects and obstacles, a kid friendly interface, and no advertising or in-app purchases. A Universal app, Monster Trucks for Babies is optimized for any iOS device.

Announcing Baby Race - build a car and take a ride!

May 21, 2013 - Independent developer Fabio Bassan introduces Baby Race - build a car and take a ride! 1.0 for iOS and Android, a funny toy app with an innovative gameplay suited for 1-4 years old babies. Players choose a car body, customize color and wheels, add their favorite decoration and take a ride in one of the 6 colorful scenarios. During the race two random items will appear, one of them will make the car advance while the other one will slow it down.

Ultra Reaction - Innovative Reflex Testing Game

Oct 22, 2012 - Independent developer Fabio Bassan announced Ultra Reaction 1.0 for iOS, an app that challenges users to see who's faster with this innovative, groundbreaking, reflex testing game. Players improve their reaction speed and get better in other fast-paced games like Call Of Duty and Battlefield. Players can dominate the leaderboard, complete the achievements and let their friends know who's the speed king.

Baby Animal Sounds - The Funniest App for Your Toddlers Entertainment

Sep 05, 2012 - Independent developer Fabio Bassan announces Baby Animal Sounds for iOS, a super simple application, perfectly suited for babies that allow children to explore the animal kingdom with 36 funny drawings and realistic sounds. Children will learn to recognize the animals, their names and their sounds. Kids will love the high quality cute designs and sounds of 36 animals: dog, hen, cat, cow, horse, sheep, rat, pig, chick, bird, frog, duck, rabbit, owl, bee, peacock, woodpecker, elephant, and more.