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Face Detection and Download Monitor prevents computer from sleeping

Nov 21, 2012 - Independent developer, Marcelo Leite has introduced Should I Sleep 1.5.1 for Mac OS X. Should I Sleep is an innovative app that prevents the computer from sleeping through automatic heuristic sensors, such as Face Detection. The update brings a new sensor - Download Monitor - that automatically prevents sleep on network traffic, such as on downloads, uploads, music and video streaming and receiving emails.

What if the computer could see and hear you before sleeping?

Oct 22, 2012 - Independent developer, Marcelo Leite today introduces Should I Sleep 1.0 for Mac OS X. Should I Sleep will revolutionize the way your computer enters sleep mode to save energy. It uses a combination of unique heuristic sensors (such as Face Detection) to check if you are actually at the computer before it sleeps. You don't need to touch any button nor remember to activate any system or app setting. Welcome Should I Sleep. Good riddance dim display.

How many times have you asked yourself Did I Click?

Sep 20, 2012 - Independent developer, Marcelo Leite today introduces Did I Click 1.0, his new utility built for Mac OS X. Did I Click provides visual and audible feedback for your mouse clicks. You will see, and optionally hear, a target effect on the cursor right after the click. Users can show visual feedback for left and right clicks, choose from small, medium and large pointer sizes, set the visual effect duration, set custom colors for left click and right click, and much more.