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Gobble The Brains Before the Spiked Stompers Fall in Zombie Stompers 1.0

Oct 28, 2014 - Deadly Serious Media today introduces Zombie Stompers 1.0, their new arcade-style game for iOS. With colorful graphics and one-tap gameplay, the goal of Zombie Stompers is to help the zombie jump forward and eat the brains while avoiding the spike-studded stompers which are moving up and down. Players must carefully time their taps so their zombie doesn't get crushed by the stompers. Zombie Stompers offers 9 different playable characters and 4 performance-based medals each round.

Endless Running Abounds in Flip Runner - Available Now on the App Store

Jun 10, 2013 - Deadly Serious Media introduces Flip Runner 1.1. Flip Runner is fast paced endless runner with a gravitational twist. Players run and flip their way over saw blades, spikes, and ninja stars as they race to nowhere in an endless quest for head wear. Flip Runner is a simple endless runner with a twist, where the player guides Flip through an endless gauntlet of dastardly hazards. Flip can run on both the top and bottom of the ground to dodge the dangers ahead.

ABE (Amorphous Biological Entity): Guide Protean ABE in iPad Platformer

Nov 02, 2012 - Deadly Serious Media today introduces ABE (Amorphous Biological Entity) 1.0 for iPad, their remarkably original platformer, where players assume the role of a lab assistant who monitors and guides ABE through 45 levels of torturous tests. Unlike most other games of this genre, the character moving between platforms can alter his physical state at any time. Changing between his 3 possible states, Ball-bouncy and mobile, Balloon-light and airy, and Rock-solid and heavy, ABE can do almost anything.