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Are You Being Wiretapped? 100% Anonymous, Private & Secure VOIP Released

Jan 19, 2016 - Vancouver based MK Art Technology today announces Ghost Phone 1.1, an update to their popular social networking app developed for iPhone devices. The ultimate in personal or business privacy, Ghost Phone offers instant text messaging, free VoiP voice calls, photo and video sharing that's virtually impossible to hack. That means communications can't be intercepted, subpoenaed or seized because they leave absolutely no digital footprint to trace. Version 1.1 introduces a new GUI.

Kim Jong-Un Kills Zombies in This Weird Game with North Korea Army

Apr 14, 2015 - California based PixelPupGames today introduces Kim Jong-Un Run 1.0, a hilarious new game available for iOS and Android devices. US black-ops have unleashed a evil strain of a virus code-named "The Zombama Virus" within the North Korean army's ranks and has spawned a mass of mindless, flesh-hungry zombies upon Pyongyang. Help Kim Jong-un battle his way through hoards of Zombamafied enemies while dodging nukes and tanks of the South Korea in this epic battle.

New Tattoo App Lets You Flash Your Ink And Share your Flash

Apr 15, 2014 - California based Pro Code Media has introduced TattooBook 1.2 for iOS and it's leaving its mark on the worldwide tattoo community. This app is the new way to show off creative tattoo work, tattoo designs, new tattoos and the tats worn by proud ink wearing people everywhere. Designed to allow its users to upload and browse some of the greatest tattoo works ever seen, this app is a gateway to the Tattoo community and the ink-covered world.

Wing Chun Martial Arts App Reveals Hidden Wing Tsun Kung Fu Techniques

Apr 10, 2014 - The Wing Chun Martial Arts 1.3 App, with instruction from Wing Chun Kid, an experienced martial artist from Hong Kong, provides effective training for learning ving tsun techniques. Rated the best-selling Wing Chun app, it is now available for download, for free, from the Apple App Store and Google Play. The videos within the wing tsun app explain each technique in a way that is relevant to modern mixed martial arts (MMA) fighting.

Self Defense App Reveals Practical Jiu Jitsu Techniques to Stop Bullying

Apr 10, 2014 - Pro Code Media introduces Self Defence Trainer for iOS. Brought to life by 30+ year trained mixed martial artist, Professor Robert LeRuyet, Self Defense Trainer intertwines Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Combat Sambo. This fusion is regarded as a military grade Jiu Jitsu, and taught to elite military and police forces around the world. Get video demonstrations of the exact punches, throws, kicks, holds and strikes that can be used to take an assailant down in the 10 most encountered attack situations.

Get Fit Faster With Friends on FitPic, the Fitness Photo Sharing App

Apr 10, 2014 - California based Pro Code Media introduced FitPic, the app-based fitness photo sharing community. Being in shape is more than just skin deep. From diet to exercise and healthy options, this app allows the diet and fitness community to come together and share their tips, tricks and techniques for getting in shape and staying there. Success is having a good motivational and support system and the FitPic community is energized and ready to show the way.

Cute Baby, Funny Baby, Bad Baby - Share Your Baby Photos with BabyPics

Nov 05, 2013 - Pro Code Media today introduces BabyPics 1.0 for iOS, giving birth to a whole community of new moms and dads that share their journeys and experiences with each other. BabyPics offers a great way to show off your babys progress and development as well as the touching and memorable moments that will be treasured forever. BabyPics users share their babys new life journey through photos, stories and sharing. They share with the BabyPics community and even the world if they so choose.

Hot New Fashion App LookBook Lets You Express Your Style & Get Inspired

Oct 15, 2013 - Pro Code Media introduces the LookBook fashion photo sharing App. This app will allow its user to share their clothing styles, latest trends and give them a voice in the fashion world. LookBook allows for instant uploads and hosts their own fashion community that users can connect to in real time. Get and give fashion advice on LookBook, start your own trends or follow others. LookBook is an amazing resource for the fashion forward community.

Show Off Your Wheels With MyRide, The Photo Sharing App For Car Lovers

Oct 10, 2013 - Pro Code Media today introduces MyRide 1.1, their newest and greatest car photo sharing app ever. MyRide hits the market, streets, tracks and roads that people love to drive on and it's driving people to their mobile devices several times daily. This App allows sharing of car and auto photos and stories, that make people smile, with the MyRide community and the world via social networking avenues. From Ferraris to Fords, you can see some of the hottest cars and most unique autos in the world.