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First Full-Fledged Weather App with Crowdsourced Data Released

May 21, 2013 - With its latest release, SkyMotion 4.0 is now the only full-fledged weather app that gathers and integrates validated ground-level observations, allowing users to actually influence forecasts. Known for providing detailed minute-by-minute forecasts, as well as traditional daily to 7-day forecasts, the SkyMotion app ensures maximum forecast accuracy by relying on one of the largest weather crowdsourcing platforms in the world.

New iPhone 5 App Warns Users of Bad Weather More Accurately Than Ever

Nov 27, 2012 - Predicting rainfall down to the exact minute in its first iteration, Sky Motion Research Inc. has now released a winter-ready version of its SkyMotion app, warning users of impending snowfall for their exact location. The free app is also available online and all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices running on iOS 5 or later. SkyMotion 3.1.0 accurately tells users of impending precipitation by predicting rain, hail, freezing rain, light and heavy snowfall up to two hours in advance.