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Fantasy Beat - New RPG Game that doesn't lack Rhythm

Jan 13, 2016 - Seoul-based developer, I&C Soft today introduces Fantasy Beat 1.0, its new rhythm-RPG game for iOS and Android devices. Fantasy Beat opens a new door to the genre, by adding to the gameplay a unique rhythm game mechanic that will change the way you experience role playing games. Enjoy a refreshing mix that will bring to the traditional RPG style a frenzied tempo to makes you swing your sword in the middle of a horde of demons.

TrainCrasher: Best SideScroller Beat'm Up since the golden age of Arcade

Dec 22, 2015 - Softmax CO., LTD announces TrainCrasher 1.2.5, their new beat'em up game for iOS and Android devices. TrainCrasher combines RPG and side scroller elements to recreate the dynamic and pleasure of the best arcade games with gorgeous visuals. Fight through a speeding train in a quest for revenge, using your fury to crush armies of warriors and combat huge bosses. With gorgeous anime fighting animations and deceptively deep combat, TrainCrasher is unlike anything you've played before!

First mobile tennis game to combine dynamic gameplay with extensive RPG

Nov 25, 2015 - Seoul based developer, 9M Interactive today introduces Ultimate Tennis 1.5, their latest roleplaying game for iOS and Android devices. Ultimate Tennis is a new type of tennis simulation game that offers a refreshing mix between innovative mobile tennis gameplay and extensive RPG elements. The game offers stunning graphics, different game modes (including a PvP mode), and an exciting team-building feature that lets players put together a team of different characters with unique playing styles.

Candy Camera for iOS Updated - Photos With Real-Time Filters and Effects

May 20, 2015 - JP Brothers today releases Candy Camera 1.53.1, an update to their photo app for iOS devices. Candy Camera allows anyone to take photos, apply real-time artistic filters, and easily edit them. This entertaining photo app also includes unique photo beautification effects, including blemish removal, make-up functions, and a handy slimming effect. Users can share their photos by posting it to popular social networks. With over 100 photo frames, this version's new stickers only add to the fun!

Junimong for iOS Helps Kids Connect and Communicate Globally Through Art

Dec 11, 2014 - YeaStudio today announces Junimong 1.0.10, an update to their popular children's drawing app for iOS devices. Relying on the universal language of art, Junimong helps kids express their creativity and communicate globally through their drawings. Children can create a picture, save and share it with other Junimong users all over the world. They can also collect, "like" and review artwork created by other kids. Junimong develops creativity, fosters learning, and promotes cognitive development.

CartoonLetter 1.04 - Update to Personalized Cartoon Cards App

Jan 18, 2014 - Cartoon Letter Inc. today announces CartoonLetter 1.04, an updated version of the popular card app for iOS devices. CartoonLetter allows users to send personalized electronic cartoon cards to family, friends, colleagues and loved ones for festive occasions such as birthdays, anniversary, and New Year, etc. Users can create their own story cartoon cards by simply editing templates to insert own texts and photos. Created Cartoon Cards can be sent via text message and posted on social media sites.

Audition 2.5.2 - Show Your Talent with Popular Video Audition App

Jan 16, 2014 - Jocoos today announces Audition 2.5.2, an update to their popular audition app for iOS devices. As the first mobile video audition platform, Audition allows users to upload videos that display their talent for consideration. Video auditions are reviewed by entertainment executives and producers who are seeking the next Hidden Star. Users can also watch other people's video auditions to offer feedback, write reviews, and vote for the Best Audition Video.

MemoZy 3.0.7 - Popular Memo Pad App Makes Task Organizing Fun

Jan 16, 2014 - Korean-based team DesignPlusD today announces MemoZy 3.0.7, an update to their popular memo pad app for iOS devices. MemoZy is a gesture-driven app that allows users to organize their notes, ideas, and to-do lists. The interface consists of customizable blocks that can be easily accessed, edited, and moved by tapping and dragging. Blocks can have their own title and color, and display how many notes are within. MemoZy also has the ability to print and send notes via email and Evernote.

Daily Scheduler - 3Cycle - Top App for Schedule Management Updated

Dec 17, 2013 - Librapps today releases Daily Scheduler - 3Cycle 2.0.1 for iOS, an update to their popular time management app. Nominated "Best App of the Week" and the top Productivity app in both the Japanese and Korean App Stores, Daily Scheduler - 3Cycle helps users plan and monitor their daily schedule based on three elements (Love, Dream, and Joy) that many psychologists suggest should be in perfect harmony to achieve success and happiness. Updates include minor modifications to the app's interface.