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Just 1.93% of tech enthusiasts shop by app

Dec 22, 2012 - Survey of technology enthusiasts found that fewer than one in 50 (1.93 percent) use apps to find the best places to shop and which tech products to buy. Geizhals announces Skinflint Price Comparison for iOS. Skinflint's new price comparison app, which is available from the App Store, helps shoppers find the cheapest prices for technology products - anything from headphones to hard drives, TVs to tablets, servers to soundcards and more.

New Skinflint - UK's 1st tech-focused price comparison app

Oct 15, 2012 - From headphones to hard drives, TVs to Tablets, Servers to Soundcards, Skinflint enables shopping for tech by spec or barcode on the go. Skinflint tells shoppers whether the scanned item is cheaper and in stock from other retailers nearby. The app's geo location services then enable shoppers to plot their route to pick up their product at the cheapest price via Google Maps. Each item is listed with transparent, total product pricing, including online retailers' delivery charges where relevant.