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Innovative App Wakes You with Weather Sound Effects

Jun 03, 2013 - Indie developer Steve Ingkavet is proud to introduce Alarming Weather: Sound Effects Alarm Clock 1.0 for iOS. Know what to wear today even before you open your eyes! New "Alarming Weather" is the only weather / alarm clock app to wake you with sound effects of the current weather. Wake up to birds singing - must be a nice, sunny day. Or maybe you hear a thunderstorm. Or fog horns and Big Ben. Or sleigh bells jingling. Plus, the visual user interface is just as innovative.

Never pay a sitter again - uSit iSit app reinvents the Babysitting Co-Op

Jan 16, 2013 - In a neighborhood babysitting/childcare co-op, local parents exchange sitting duties with other parents, saving serious money on sitters. Sounds great, but how do you track all this to make sure everyone plays fair? Who keeps records? Who contacts everyone every time someone needs a sitter? Do you have to pay dues? And do you trust - or even know - these neighbors? But now, uSit iSit has re-innovated the babysitting co-op for the mobile mom, ensuring both stronger trust and greater convenience.

Now Emoji are only as Cool, Cute or Ugly as the User's Face

Oct 15, 2012 - The new Emoji My Face app reinvents emoji, by transforming the user's face into beautifully designed emoticons. Millions of emoji-lovers around the world can now express themselves like never before. Now there's always the perfect smiley for a specific feeling - just make that face into the camera! Users can access both front and back cameras to shoot themselves, or a beloved pet, child, or anything else that they want to "emojify".