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CoverMe Private Cloud Storage Keeps Your Personal Data From Prying Eyes

Feb 03, 2016 - San Jose based CoverMe, Inc. today announces their new CoverMe Private Cloud Storage service, which works together with their CoverMe App iOS 2.5 to provide high-security backup of your private, personal data. Many people think that CoverMe only protects their phone calls and messages. However, CoverMe is capable of much more than that. CoverMe is the world's most secure and private communications App, creating a safe place for whatever you need to keep from prying eyes.

CoverMe - A Unique Secure Messaging App for Ultimate Privacy

Mar 26, 2013 - California based CoverMe, Inc. today announces CoverMe 1.0.2, an update to their social networking app for iOS. CoverMe is perfect for sending or sharing sensitive messages and photos. It allows the user to share fun messages, photos, and videos with others in a secure environment without worry of it being spread or stored. The app is also set up with a vault to protect the user's private contacts, call logs, text messages, photos, and videos from prying eyes.