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Zen Cap Games 2nd indie title Fish Out Of Water hits store this week

Nov 22, 2012 - Capitalising on its experience from it's debut title Mega Bee last month, Zen Cap Games looks to blend strategy and arcade action with it's second title Fish Out of Water. The game premise revolves around several endless mode forms of air traffic control meets castle defense genres. It is featuring an 8 action packed missions and 5 endless modes including a 2 minute time trial. Fish Out Of Water for iOS is available on the AppStore this week.

Zen Cap Games tunes Mega Bee in a double update

Nov 10, 2012 - Kids rejoice as new content and a new HD iPad version hit the store this week. Current players can enjoy the update whilst iPad players begging for a piece of the action can finally satisfy their thirst for gameplay. Culminating two weeks of frenzied gameplay, and even more crazy dev time, Zen Cap Games marks their 3rd title on the AppStore with Mega Bee Kids HD. Soon to follow, their new title "Fish Out of Water" is in submission and "RoboArena" gets a second look in development.

Zen Cap Games debuts the app store with Mega Bee arcade collection game

Oct 22, 2012 - Mega Bee culminates Zen Cap Games debut on the App Store this week. Coincidentally the date also marks the indie developer's wedding day. Inspired by fellow Aussie company Halfbrick's Fruit Ninja, the objective of Mega Bee involves the rescue of Princess Bee via frenzied swiping to collect items. The entire game was conceived, designed and developed by an ex-stock trader who has worked on enterprise software projects and can consume a gallon of strawberry ice cream whilst playing board games.