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Dawnkeeper Official Trailer #1 - Epic bloody medieval 2D Action/RPG

Feb 07, 2014 - Planemo Studio introduces Dawnkeeper, a game which will take you into a world of furious monsters, whistling arrows and destructive magic blasts and rivers of blood. The app is a classic 2D action 'The Last Survivor' game. Monster hunter Yakov and his allies are the only ones who survived the ruthless battle for his Order of Hyperion. As Dawnkeeper progresses, Yakov will explore the various castles, cemeteries, ruins of churches, inhospitable swamps and abandoned villages.

Pave The Way - an incredible puzzle adventure in a rush for treasure

Nov 10, 2013 - Planemo Studio is proud to introduce Pave The Way 1.0 for iOS. Help Rick, the hunter behind treasures, to collect all ancient gold tablets to pave the way to forgotten treasures! The main character can move only from an obstacle to an obstacle therefore it is necessary to consider carefully your route, as you can not return in the same way back. In passing it is necessary to collect tablets with stars. The more stars it is collected - the further you will be able to promote on a way to a tomb.

Planemo Studio introduces Da'Vinci II: Renaissance 1.0 for iOS

Jun 05, 2013 - Planemo Studio today introduces Da'Vinci II: Renaissance 1.0, its new game title developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The sequel of the first part of the "Da'Vinci Mystery", a fun game where you have to solve puzzles and solve non-standard riddles. Da'Vinci II : Renaissance continues the idea of the first part of a more interesting and challenging puzzles from a variety of disciplines, and supplements it with new types of puzzles.

Darwin Tales - iPhone Application by Planemo Studio

Oct 29, 2012 - Planemo Studio is proud to introduce Darwin Tales 1.0.1 for iOS, an application that brings together the best and the most curious cases that happened in real life. Everyone has heard of the theory of evolution of Charles Darwin. But have you heard tales that are told Darwin, sitting by the fireplace and smoking his pipe? Probably not. Actually Darwin was quite a strange man, and told mainly about people who because of their intellectual abilities are leaving this world of stupid way.