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Conundrums - A Would You Rather Community for iOS

Apr 25, 2016 - South Caroline based iParty Mobile announces Conundrums 1.7.2 for iOS. This community-wide Would You Rather network encourages users to come together to discuss life's most important issues. Users may start their own polls or answer and discuss challenging questions like, "Would you rather fight Batman or fight Ironman?" Users can explore the platform to see the most popular questions and users and find content that they care about most.

Str8 for iOS Challenges You to Build a Tower of Blocks to Infinity

Apr 21, 2014 - South Carolina based iParty Mobile today introduces Str8 1.0, its latest game title developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Available as a Free download, Str8 offers entertaining puzzle-action to players of all ages and experience levels. Build a tower of blocks as tall as possible by aligning and stacking blocks of the same color on top of each other. Blocks of various shades drop from the sky, and it is your task to position them in such a way, that the tower doesn't come crumbling down.

Zappy Duck is a Beautiful Gem in a Pool of Cruddy Flappy Bird Clones

Mar 18, 2014 - iParty! Mobile today introduces Zappy Duck, their new gaming title for iPhone and iPad. In Zappy Duck, you control a duck who's goal is fly through a field of deadly tesla coils without touching one of them and getting Zapped. A unique control scheme that allows players to tap to fly, tilt to glide and double tap to dive. iParty! has taken the general concepts from the popular game Flappy Bird and adding several unique enhancements and a level of polish not found in any other similar games.

unFed unDead! for iPhone and iPad - An Amazing New Zombie Game!

Nov 01, 2012 - iParty! Mobile announces unFed unDead! 3.5 for iOS. A fast paced arcade game, referred to as "Hungry Hungry Hippos, for an Apocalyptic Era", in unFed unDead!, players control a group of zombies, surrounding a room full of victims. Reaching into the room through windows on each side of the screen players attempt to capture the brains of their victims. The app features unique, challenging single and multiplayer levels and includes a bonus level called Happy Land, which resembles an Apple Store.