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How Much You Know Bangladesh - iPhone Quiz Application for Bangladeshi

Dec 07, 2012 - How much you know Bangladesh 1.2 is quiz application for Bangladeshi iphone users. This application is entertaining and informative to know about Bangladesh as it covers history, heritage, culture, nature, sports and media of Bangladesh. In this application there is a scoring system for right and wrong answers. Also there is a time bonus option for users to achieve high score by answering correct and quickly.

Santas Gift - Christmas Memory Game

Nov 30, 2012 - Reverie announces Santas gift is a free Christmas memory game for iphone users. It is interesting enough as Christmas game as it contains content related to Holy Christmas. Interesting and familiar images related to Christmas are used to create this tricky game. Santas Gift is dedicated to utilize your memory through matching pair of gloves, socks, bells, lights, cookies, chocolates, candles, cakes and many other Christmas related gifts which will definitely catch your attention and admiration.

Escape Boat for iOS

Nov 03, 2012 - Reverie is proud to announce EscapeBoat Pro 1.0 is a thrilling boat game for iOS. It is a nice and challenging game for its beautiful artwork, graphics and a tough game play. There are two types of map in the game: Desert map and a Forest map. Different maps appear with different challenges. There are seven boats to play with and game play sustains for 3 minutes. Player's mission is to escape from all these difficulties and overcoming two challenges: little ammunition and low fuel availability.

Women Attire - Saree

Nov 02, 2012 - Reverie is proud to introduce How to wear a Saree, a free iPhone application for women to learn wearing saree in different styles. This application presents step by step instructions of wearing saree in three different styles: nivi style, bengali style and rajasthani style. Each style is demonstrated with images and written instruction. Anyone can easily wear a saree following the steps for respective style. Wearing saree is complicated and someone needs to know the steps properly.