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Previews of Sente 6.6 for Mac and iPad Now Available

Apr 04, 2013 - Third Street Software is pleased to announce the availability of preview releases of Sente 6.6 for Mac and iPad. Sente 6.6 is a major update to popular academic reference manager. New features include a complete overhaul of the library synchronization engine to make it easier than ever to keep reference libraries synchronized across multiple Macs and iPads. Sente 6.6 also now supports Find-in-PDF on both platforms and there is a new, streamlined PDF annotation interface on the iPad.

Sente 6.5 is Major Update to Popular Academic Reference Manager

Dec 20, 2011 - Denver based Third Street Software, Inc. today announces Sente 6.5, a major update to the popular academic reference manager for Mac OS X. Version 6.5 includes a significant update to the user interface and many important new features like color-coded notes and improved PDF import. The new main window includes a multiple-line reference list, a highly customizable reference editor and a more functional notes editor. Sente 6.5 is a free upgrade for everyone with an existing Sente 6 license.

Sente Reference Manager for iPad is now available

Dec 22, 2010 - Third Street Software today announces Sente for iPad, the first full-featured academic reference manager for the iPad. Sente Reference Manager for iPad lets you take your entire reference library with you anywhere. Sente for iPad lets you acquire new references with a single tap from many sites. And download PDFs to your library with another tap. Read PDFs, highlight, take notes anywhere. And Sente for iPad can sync everything with your desktop library anywhere in the world.

Sente 6.0 Adds Synchronized Libraries, Reference Tagging and PDF Markup

Oct 22, 2009 - Third Street Software, Inc. today announced Sente 6.0, the popular academic reference manager for Max OS X. Sente 6.0 introduces a number of important enhancements, including synchronized libraries, hierarchical reference tagging, PDF markup and more. Originally released in 2004, Sente is in use by students, faculty and researchers in most major academic institutions around the world.

Sente 5.6 Makes it Easier to Capture References from Web Pages

Sep 16, 2008 - Third Street Software today announced the release of Sente 5.6. This new version of the popular academic reference manager includes an embedded web browser that supports targeted browsing - a new feature that enables users to capture reference data from many web sites with a single mouse click. Sente 5.6 also includes significant improvements to the bibliography format editor that make it possible to create more complex bibliography formats.

Sente 5.5 enhances PDF management

May 06, 2008 - Third Street Software today announced the release of Sente 5.5 with enhanced PDF management. In this new version, users can create references directly from the PDF files they already have, as well as new PDFs that they receive from colleagues. This version also adds the ability to create complete references by entering only an ISBN, DOI or other common identifier. Sente uses Google Scholar, the Library of Congress and PubMed to create complete references when importing a new PDF.

Sente 5.2 is first reference manager with native support for Pages 08

Jan 09, 2008 - Third Street Software today announced the release of Sente 5.2, the first academic reference manager to include native support for formatting citations and bibliographies in Apple Pages '08 documents. Because Sente 5.2 works with Pages '08 files in their native format, all document formatting and content are preserved, making it far easier to use Pages for academic writing. This new version also support Nisus Writer Express and Pro.

Sente 5 Released with Enhanced Interface and Bibliography Features

Sep 18, 2007 - Sente 5 is a major update to the popular academic reference management software. This new version includes an updated user interface, including the most flexible reference editor available, a new data storage engine to support larger libraries, and significantly improved bibliography formatting features.

Sente 4.2 adds ability to search Thomson Web of Science

Mar 21, 2007 - Sente v4.2 has just been released with several important new features, including the ability to directly search the Web of Knowledge / Web of Science databases from Thomson ISI. This version also adds support for Mellel v2.2 and for searching OAIster.