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LifeTicker Pro 2.1.1 on iOS-Countdown Time to Every Event Simultaneously

Jul 10, 2013 - Novitet today announces LifeTicker Pro 2.1.1 for iOS, an update to its app that lets users create Tickers, digital clocks, which count down the time in Years/Months/Days/Hours/Minutes/Seconds until an upcoming event. With a thumbnail photo, horizontal Tickers can be stacked, categorized, scrolled and provide notifications. Tickers can also be set to count up - clocking time since an event, users can add their own categories to those built in, and photos with their Tickers overlaid can be shared.

LifeTicker Pro Receives Its First Big Update

Nov 14, 2012 - Novitet today announces LifeTicker Pro 2.0, a major update to their comprehensive, multifunctional count up and countdown lifestyle app developed exclusively for iOS devices. Got life? LifeTicker Pro lets anyone turn all of their important people, things, events and big dates into tickers. Version 2.0 introduces a new icon, ability to add a photo to each Ticker, Count Up notifications, default categories, as well as the creation and reordering of categories, sharing, and so much more.