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Night Whisper Lane Scenario 2: Boss Rush Mode is Out Now

Jan 21, 2013 - Today EPX Games announces that Night Whisper Lane's Scenario 2: Boss Rush Mode is out on iOS, Android and Amazon Kindle. Night Whisper Lane 2.0 is a brand new survival horror game. Boss Rush Mode is a sequence of consecutive boss battles as an extra challenge to players. After each of the rounds the player will be awarded extra health and weapons as they prepare for the battles ahead. Weapons are limited in this mode so players must choose wisely.

Night Whisper Lane is Free For A DAY December 19th 2012

Dec 18, 2012 - EPX Game Announces Night Whisper Lane is Free December 19th 2012 on Apple's & Amazon's App Store. Night Whisper Lane is the 1st authentic Survival Horror gaming experience specifically designed for iOS that merges classic "Point and Click" gameplay with a "Turn-Based Battle System" to help you fend off whatever evil awaits you in this seemingly endless labyrinth. Weapons & ammunition are scarce so keep an eye out for them & manage them wisely because fighting empty handed is certain death.

EPX Game Announces that Night Whisper Lane 1.0.2 & Free Edition Out Now

Nov 17, 2012 - EPX Games released a new trailer for Night Whisper Lane titled, "Night Whisper Lane Version 1.0.2 Feature Trailer" This trailer now showcases the major 3 features added in version 1.0.2 The restore from game save after death from a booby-trap was one of the top 5 requested features that fans and customers wanted. Many customers voiced the fact that they didn't want to start from the beginning of the game prior to death from booby-traps.