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News: 2B Not To Be Story Game Gets New Ebook, Keywords & Description

Dec 11, 2013 - Bluespiral Solutions is proud to announce the iPad game 2B Not To Be Story game just got a whole lot Bigger over the weekend. The latest version will have new keywords to make it more searchable and easier to download and a new updated game description. The biggest news is that there is now a stand alone ePub version of the story that's now available for download. 2B Not To Be is a fantasy adventure that takes place on a writer's desk about an author's search for that one big idea.

iPad - 2B Not To Be Story Game - For people looking to make it big

Nov 30, 2013 - Have you ever dreamed of making it big, doing something extraordinary and all you needed was that one idea, that one lucky break that would change your life forever? Bluespiral Solutions is proud to introduce 2B Not To Be Story Game 1.0 for iPad. The 2B Not To Be Story Game is the story of a struggling writer's dreams of making it big one day. He creates an interactive new world on his writing desk where everyday objects come to life and the ultimate battle between good & evil takes place.

Free - Brand New iPhone Baseball eating puzzle game - Bazeball Star

Jul 07, 2013 - Bluespiral Solutions is proud to introduce Bazeball Star 1.0 for iOS. Appetites are high in this chew-nique baseball eating puzzle game that's stuffed with one touch fun. Complete inning after inning of eating until you reach bursting point. Or, a food fight of epic portions as you challenge friends and players around the world to the ultimate baseball eating contest. It's the best of 3 innings where only the fastest eaters and highest scorers will take home the bacon.

Bluespiral Solutions releases 2 Player Snooker based puzzle game

Mar 20, 2013 - Bluespiral Solutions today announces Snooker Star 1.0.7, an update to its one touch, memory based snooker game for iPhone and iPod touch. You have 45 seconds to score as many points as possible, build the highest break and complete the frame before your opponent and the timer runs out. Invite friends and challenge snooker star players around the world. Version 1.0.7 introduces a brand new 2 player mode, 3 frame match challenge, improved screen layout and navigation, game timer, and more.

2 Player Challenge: Free Snooker Star Pool puzzle game - Now Available

Mar 04, 2013 - With a brand new makeover, Bluesprial Solutions is proud to announce Snooker Star Pool bounces into the AppStore with a host of new features. The game now is available in Italian (that's 9 languages supported), a new in-game timer, new screen navigation and the 2 Player best of 3 frame match challenges. Each frame lasts 60 seconds as you try to set the highest score, the highest break and the fastest time to complete each frame.The frames increase in difficulty with faster board shuffles.

Coming Soon for the iPhone and iPod Touch: ESI-CODE BREAKERS

Feb 20, 2013 - Bluespiral Solutions is proud to announce the upcoming game ESI-CODE BREAKERS for iOS. Compete against friends or challenge code breakers around the world in this multi player, 1 touch, all action code breaking game. Captured by the evil time travelling Doctor Flemstein, you have to try and escape Stacword Island by deactivating a series of force fields that guard a hidden service tunnel. Provides a choice of 3 game modes - Fresh fish, Pro and Hacker with an unlimited number of levels.

Stacword Time Traveling word games to get FREE Makeover

Jan 19, 2013 - To celebrate 2013, Bluespiral Solutions is proud to announce Stacword Original, Stacword Match Day and Escape form Stacword Island are receiving new makeovers, with new gameplay for EFSI and brand new graphics and a new set of questions for Stacword Original. On a day of makeovers, the new Snooker Star updates and brand new logo also make their first appearance. Made slight improvements to the scoring system to allow it to be more responsive to the screen action.

Chalk Power is Here! Free Update to Snooker Star Game Now Available

Jan 07, 2013 - Bluespiral Solutions is proud to announce Chalk Power has arrived with a Bang in the latest Free version of the Snooker Star puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. This brand new feature makes the strategy and gameplay even more challenging and rewarding pushing your snooker skills to the very limit. Just like the real thing, you now have to plan your shots carefully, think about your next move, even several shots ahead if you want to become the ultimate Snooker Star!

Chalk power to feature in Snooker Star iPhone game

Jan 01, 2013 - Bluespiral Solutions announce Snooker Star, the Free snooker based puzzle game is getting a new strategy & gameplay feature dubbed "chalk power". As any good snooker player knows, chalk during a game helps give a player extra ball control to build higher breaks and make bigger scores. This real life feature is being added as a puzzle element to the game making every shot count. Playing in infinity mode, you now have to keep a close eye on your chalk levels so you don't run out during a frame.