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Follow Mania Released for iOS - A Powerful Tool for Instagrammers

Apr 10, 2014 - MBT announces the release and immediate availability of Follow Mania, their new Instagram app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices that is also optimized for iPhone 5. Follow Mania also features IG Rating through which a user can determine theirs and their followers' ratings and compare them with the ratings of celebrities who have Instagram accounts. Apart from this new feature, the app has also undergone a logo change and also has a new design.

Follow Mania 1.0.5 for iOS - Own An Instagram Account Like A Boss

Jan 23, 2014 - MBT today introduces Follow Mania 1.0.5, their new Instagram app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. Developed by Instagram lovers for those who love it as well, Follow Mania offers users deep insights into their followers' & unfollowers' activity, and much more. Optimized for iPhone 5, Follow Mania has a number of useful and unique features. Designed for true Instagramers who would like to own their Instagram accounts like a boss, this app also includes a must-have unfollow tool tracker.

Catbusters 1.0 released for iOS - Find Cats Hiding In Unexpected Places

Nov 27, 2013 - Mobile Business Technologies today introduces Catbusters 1.0, their new game for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. Designed for cat lovers and for those who love finding them, Catbusters has 160 levels, each containing 8 episodes. Players are shown different pictures. Their goal is to help a kitten find friends who are hidden in unexpected and amazing places. There are more than 200 cats that are waiting to be found and players can also use a magnifying glass or a flashlight to find them.

Advertisers Can Reach 70 Million IG Users through InstaZebra Now

Sep 23, 2013 - Instagram Advertising Network, InstaZebra surpasses all expectations. InstaZebra has already taken the lead in Instagram advertising and since its inception; this advertising network has gathered 470 Instagram (IG) accounts, so advertisers can reach 70 million IG users at once. They can use this online self-service platform to connect to the most popular IG accounts that are sorted based on the reach, content subject, CPP, CPM and Engagement Rate.

HotYooToo-The First of Its Kind Instagram-Based Dating App

Sep 19, 2013 - Just when you thought the online dating experience couldn't get any better, both in terms of its specificity and overall user experience, the team at MBT, Mobile Business Technologies has come up with a one-and-only Instagram-based local dating app, HotYooToo that uses a refreshingly new approach of leveraging the immense popularity of this social app to help people express themselves using it. All a user needs is an Instagram account to log into HotYooToo. No hassle of registering an account.

InstaZebra Launches Its Global Instagram Advertising Network

Jul 24, 2013 - Mobbnet today introduces InstaZebra, its new Instagram Advertising Network that provides new opportunities for both advertisers and 100 million Instagram users. Acquired by Facebook in 2012, Instagram is an online photo & video sharing service, where viewers are free to browse and follow particular people and categories. InstaZebra lets advertisers reach a targeted audience with a full screen ad that resembles a recommendation. Influential Instagrammers can earn cash by including InstaZebra ads.

ClassyGram for iOS: Instagram Client Lists 850+ Top Celebrities/Brands

Apr 09, 2013 - MBT today introduces ClassyGram for iOS & Android, its Instagram client that provides instant access to the official accounts of the most popular celebrities and brands posting on the photo sharing service. The app includes 3 listing categories through which users can browse: People, Brands and Galleries. Galleries includes broad topics like Fashion, Rich Kids of Instagram, Cute Things, and Cars. ClassyGram's main window highlights those chosen the most popular people and events of the week.

InstaRepost 1.0 for iOS - Repost a Photo on Instagram Without a Camera

Dec 06, 2012 - Mobbtech today introduces InstaRepost 1.0 for iOS, its photo app that allows users to instantly repost photos without taking a picture of the screen. The Instagram app and other Instagram viewers do not include a provision for sharing the photos of others, because the ownership rights of every photo on Instagram are retained by the poster. InstaRepost enables users to repost photos they have received in their own photo streams, as it superimposes the user name of the owner on the reposted photo.