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Which Trivia App is Exploiting General Knowledge With A Twist?

Feb 06, 2013 - TRIVIA: If American Idol used the same requirements as electing the pope, which statement would apply? Odds and Apps, LLC is pleased to announce the release of Trivia Rascals 2.0 for iOS. You're trapped in a maze of questions and must outsmart the Trivia Rascals to escape. The updated version features a new design, Game Center, 7 levels of questions all about 2012 and a new app name, Trivia Rascals.

Evil Twin Trivia: The Wacky New App By a Man Who Lives With His Parents

Nov 29, 2012 - Evil Twin Trivia was created by a TV Game Show Producer who had an idea for a trivia app, left his career and moved in with his parents. The Game: While trapped inside a mansion by an Evil Twin, the player is faced with a series of questions: "Who suffered a bad case of bird flew (into his face while riding a roller coaster)?" Outsmart the Evil Twin and avoid the lies to escape the maze of questions. Evil Twin Trivia is the first app released by the new company, Odds and Apps, LLC.