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Monolith Interactive Releases Finger Wars - a Twisted Finger Ninja Game

Nov 30, 2012 - Monolith Interactive Inc. today introduces Finger Wars 1.0 for iPad. In this fun, 2-player game, the fingers of two players become twisted together in an all-out battle of determination and control. The game is narrated by Yoshikawa, the loveable, yet angry ninja. Listen to him call out a food, then quickly place your finger on it and hold it there while your opponent receives his or her instruction. Play with a friend, your mom, your kids, your professor or even a real ninja!

Monolith Interactive Releases Ultra High Precision Test Oscillator App

Nov 30, 2012 - Monolith Interactive Inc. today introduces MONO2 Test Oscillator & Professional Audio Tool 1.0.1, their first professional audio application for iPhone and iPod touch. Setting a new standard for audio applications on the iOS platform, it features a high-precision frequency dial offering both fine-tune and coarse-tune algorithms, allowing users to dial in exact frequencies with ease. Waveforms include sine, square as well as a white noise generator, a sweep function, and so much more.