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Busy Bea free for iOS: Palm Trees and Cheesecake Side-scroller

Mar 18, 2014 - Michael Denison, artist of the daily Bea Arthur art project, #BeaADay, has collaborated with developer Brian Kokernak of headRUSH to create the side scrolling mobile game, Busy Bea. Players tap the screen to maneuver the game's character across a lanai and through a series of palm trees to collect slices of cheesecake, all the while competing for the top score. Busy Bea fuses the aesthetics of a popular late-1980s sitcom with side-scrolling simplicity.

Fire Escapes 2.0 free for iOS: Catch Falling Babies in Retro Arcade Game

Apr 08, 2013 - headRUSH today announces Fire Escapes 2.0 free for iOS, an update to its retro arcade game, where players control two firemen holding a trampoline as they try to catch babies leaping from a burning building. Featuring a lovingly crafted, HiRes simulation of blocky 8-bit graphics, the pick-up-and-play twitch game offers exciting play that shows nostalgic reverence for the 80s. The update includes a new Arcade mode via an IAP with power-ups, bonuses, obstacles, and a special ending.