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Doctor Asks, Do You Have the Parenting Skills to Prevent iPad Addiction?

May 01, 2013 - Dr. S, eminent psychiatrist and media specialist, today continued his campaign, alerting parents to the dangers of unsupervised use of iPads by kids. Citing a recent headline from The NY Daily News, "Hooked on the iPad: Technology Addiction Affects Children as Young as 4, Experts Say," Dr. S restated his message that touchscreen devices, with their irresistible interactivity, lights, colors and sound can potentially pose serious dangers to the mental health and cognitive development of children.

Dr. S to Pediatricians: Please Guide Kids Using iPads and Other Tablets

Jan 23, 2013 - Dr. S, eminent psychiatrist, today restated his recommendation that the American Academy of Pediatrics update its guidelines of screen time daily for preschoolers, published over a decade ago before interactive tablets ever existed. Most parents today do not know about or ignore the guidelines and are mostly lost and on their own. Dr. S makes practical recommendations for tablet use by preschoolers to serve parents and pediatricians until the AAP revises its official guidance.

ZillyDilly for iPad - Psychiatrist's Web Browser Promotes Kids' Growth

Jan 11, 2013 - MyDigitalFamily today announces ZillyDilly 2.1 for iPad, its web browser for kids, whose use promotes children's emotional and intellectual growth, while eliminating unhealthy influences and overconsumption of media. The app features flexible Media Plans that kids and parents create together, based on the recommendations and rankings of web sites by media expert and renowned child psychiatrist Dr. Eitan Schwarz. The iPad app helps kids ages 2 to 17 stick to a balanced, healthful, media diet.

iPad Browser for Kids Leverages HTML5 to Bring Safe Games and Education

Dec 07, 2012 - MyDigitalFamily, Ltd. announces ZillyDilly 2.1 for iPad. The app is an easy way for parents to get quality games in kids' hands this holiday season. ZillyDilly contains over 75 games and hundreds of fully functional websites, all hand-picked by the ZillyDilly staff. Parents and teachers customize the online experience with age-appropriate content and timers that assure the best possible experience for all kids, ensuring that access to unsafe or unsavory websites, apps and games is limited.